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User Info: Hiatari

12 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there is a move tutor in crystal version? If so could you tell me where he is?

User Info: Element-17

12 years ago#2
After you beat the Elite 4, a man will be standing outside the Goldenrod Game Corner on certain day(s). Can't remember which, though.

Anyway, in exchange for 4,000 game coins, he will one of your Pokémon Flamethrower, Ice Beam, or Thunderbolt, assuming they're compatible with the move.
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User Info: Hiatari

12 years ago#3
Eh, thats not what I ment! I ment a MOVE TUTOR who can teach my pokemon moves that they have forgotten!!

User Info: Instereo2

12 years ago#4
THAT's the Move Relearner, accessible only through Pokemon Stadium 2. All you have to do is beat e4/Lance with an un-registered team, and you can teach one of your team Pokemon a move they could've learned naturally earlier.
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User Info: Sonique_Fantome

12 years ago#5
You mean like the one in the 3rd-gen games? Unfortunately, there's no tutor who makes your pokemon relearn moves in Crystal, or in any of the the post-Pokemon Green games...Other than the above method or using a cheat device, there is no other way to meet a move relearner and reteach your Pokemon's forgotten moves.
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