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User Info: MyDogSkip

5 years ago#1
I loved this game. Too much to play right now but I'll definitely pick this up and put some time into the RPG mode again. The lack thereof in other installments (namely the 3DS one) was why I only ever bought this and the GBA game.

Side note: I noticed that they were careful enough in the YouTube video not to show any of the characters unlocked via the N64 game. Kind of sad that this game will almost certainly be a little "incomplete".
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User Info: Gamer_1028

5 years ago#2
Glad I'm not the only fan of this game. When I found out, I downloaded it immediately. I bought the 3DS version (not doing any research) and assumed it was going to be similar, but boy was I wrong... The RPG aspect of this game is what got me.

User Info: Aladdin2557

5 years ago#3
Me too, just saw this so instant buy. Awesome game back in the day.

Apparently a lot of the unlocks won't be available this version tho? :/

User Info: IndegoRune

5 years ago#4
If computers can do thectransfer pack, then why not you nintendo!? Could have at least pre unlocked the extras, wtf.
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User Info: GoldenSunRM

5 years ago#5
This would've been perfect as a 3D remake. Like the ones made by Sega.

User Info: Arvis_Jaggamar

5 years ago#6
Ok, I'm planning on buying this on 3DS virtual console, but is there anything missing from this version?

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