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User Info: drakeling

10 years ago#1
I've noticed a lot of one-post threads that do not let me post any sort of reply to. I do not know if there is some arbitrary expiration date on threads that instantly lock them, but I can answer some questions about this game if anyone is checking the forums here:

Posted 3/30/2010 10:08:05 AM


I have some questions for this 10 years old game :)
I hope there are some players who still can remember that.

1) is it possible to re-charge staffs ? How ?

Yes. First off, Remi the mage can do it after you unlock her, but that's only after you kill "dark evil' on floor 27 of the magic dungeon. She's very expensive though, so I wouldn't count on her.
second way is to use a melding pot with two identical staffs, put them both in and you have a staff equal to the charges of both.

2) will there be an item shop in the town ? I want to upgrade my sword and shield but blacksmith requires some herbs which needs to be collected by somehow. (wait a second... I am the shop owner :).. damn.)

Yes - sort of. There will be the melding shop, which will allow you to meld two swords or two shields together for a fee. While not quite "upgrading", simply give him your base weapon (or shield) and another one with any "+" modifier on it, and it's the same - far easier than the blacksmith.

3) there are some 4 square islands on some levels surrounded by water. in that island there are 3 items+teleporter. How do I enter those islands. Is there any walk on water or fly spell ?

There is a way to get to them, a few ways. One, use a warp trap on the same floor, and get VERY lucky, having it warp you to this island (if there is no warp trap on the floor other than the one on this island, you cannot do this method. Secondly, you can use a "passage" ring to simply walk over water, or you can either use the Warrior's "ford" shield ability, or the Warrior's "landfill" ability to make your own way across.

4)is there any differences between club, sword and Axe other than damage ? (I wonder if the do different piercing, slashing, chopping damage like real RPG games)

No, there is no difference in 'type' of damage (IE bashing, piercing, slashing). However the club is one of the lowest base damaging weapons in the game, while the Loto sword is the highest base damaging weapon.

I will have more questions since I just started to play this nice game.
Thank you in advance.

(You're welcome).

Now another set of questions to answer:
Posted 6/5/2008 11:43:36 PM

what is the easiest way to get money?now i just finished toro ruins..

Basically use the "old well". At the stairs of each well floor, you will find guaranteed three money bags and one key. If you can complete floor 10, you will get 90,000 per trip. You can also use a clone pot and clone your valuable weapon/shield and simply sell them over and over.

User Info: drakeling

10 years ago#2
Posted 2/8/2010 6:48:09 AM

Hi! I just got a copy of this game recently (thanks Jati!), and I love it.
HOWEVER, as most of you know, this game can be more evil than
Joan Crawford on crack. What are your console-smashing stories?

I have one to share. I had a very good set of shield abilities, minus say "loto" which I didn't want to get (but eventually, now, obtained). I always was careful to either escape or just reset if I fell, in a dungeon. But I was stupid, after picking the game up again with a long moment away. I forgot what 'quicksave' really did, and so quicksaved on one level, then 'fell' on a few levels above. No worries, I thought, I'll just rest and... and... yeah, shield was gone.

I had since, also, forgot where to find the "Magic Shield" and re-remembered just how much you need that shield in order to beat "Ordeal Mansion".

Also, everyone, I wrote mini-FAQ, but Gamefaqs denied its posting, telling me it was "too little content", which upset me because I spent a LONG time writing it. So for anyone interested in it, I can post it say on Medifire for download.

User Info: drakeling

10 years ago#3
Posted 6/19/2008 3:24:00 PM

I just saw this game thinking hey I know that name and then I saw the screenshots thats when I realised it is the same Torneko as in Drago quest 4 :D

correct, in a sense. Yes it's our famous tubby Taloon (Torneko, his japan name), but this is a spin-off game. In fact, it cannot even really be called a spin-off, because it uses Torneko, but doesn't use his setting. He's not in Lakanaba, nor Endor, so this game isn't "cannon" with Dragon Quest, however it is a fun little game to feature our famous, fat Merchant, and I enjoy it.
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