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User Info: Obright

10 years ago#1
Hi! I just got a copy of this game recently (thanks Jati!), and I love it.
HOWEVER, as most of you know, this game can be more evil than
Joan Crawford on crack. What are your console-smashing stories?

Here are a few of mine so far:

- Stepped on a landmine trap on floor 35 in the magic dungeon, on
the way to get the Whirlwind sword. It killed the priest, who smited
me with divine retribution, which reduced me to 1 HP. Normally this
wouldn't be that big of a problem, but this time there was a Lilypa
offscreen that just happened to do 1 point of damage to me.

- Stepped on a landmine trap upon entering a shop on floor 41 of the
Magic dungeon on the way to get the Whirlwind Sword, which killed the
gargoyle, and the first row of items. There was no one there to pay,
and I didn't have a BigRoom scroll or Blank scroll.

- Stepped on a warp trap after picking up ONE LOAF OF BREAD from
a shop, and was killed by gargoyles on floor 47 of the magic dungeon
on the way to get the whirlwind sword.

- FINALLY got the Whirlwind sword from floor 50 of the Magic Dungeon,
only to have my +99 mettable shield knocked into the water by a damn
skeletor just outside of the sword chamber. Just in case you didn't know,
that DELETES your shield.

I didn't have a Shadow Ring or Trap-X ring at the time, and I was afraid
that my new 3-space range on my Abacus would hit the gargoyle or the
priest if I swiped my sword to look for traps. Turns out it wouldn't have,
but I didn't know that then. :(

Well I've since gotten the Whirlwind Sword, and a Trap-X ring and a
Shadow ring. The rings still don't help me much though. When you have to
swap out rings constantly like I do, it's inevitable that you're going to have
the wrong ring on at the wrong time eventually.

...if you're me, that is. :(
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User Info: Jati_no_Rei

10 years ago#2
hehehe, glad to see you've been drawn into the web of evil that is this game, Obright! While All manner of horrid things have happened to me in this game, it's been a while since I played much, so they've tended to be blocked out or dampened by time. I did decide to pick up my game again after talking to you on the phone tonight, and found out I'm just entering Mt. Fiery for the first time (now on floor 3). I've got a LONG way to go before I'm back where I was...
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User Info: Obright

10 years ago#3
I hope you get Magic & Skill-X shields soon!

Well yes, the game can be evil, but sometimes the very things that
make it evil also help you in hilarious ways. Just last night I had
loaded up on great items in a shop. I didn't have what I needed to
swipe them, so I was on my way to pay for them when I stepped
on a trap door.


I was finished with that floor anyway. :p
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