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User Info: Mr_Zeng

11 years ago#1
How does the battle system work in this game?

User Info: Domokun225

11 years ago#2
Torneko isn't an action RPG at all (That's what I'm assuming A.RPG means).

The game itself is turn-based, but in a different sense. Nothing will happen unless you perform an action, such as attacking, using an item, moving, etc. This also means that monsters will not act unless you perform an action. With this in mind, every enemy on the floor you are on will be doing something as you wander about, even if you don't see the enemy on your screen. When you do encounter an enemy, you can attack it in 8 possible directions, so as long as there is nothing preventing you from doing so. There is no advantage in attacking a specific direction however.

The game itself offers a tutorial in-game in the first dungeon you enter, so you won't be completely lost.
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  3. Is this an A.RPG game?
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