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  3. wooo`~~~~~~~is this game full fo fun?

User Info: Mr_Zeng

11 years ago#1
how much fun does it have??

User Info: Domokun225

11 years ago#2
Depends, have you ever played a Mystery Dungeon title (i.e. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Shiren the Wanderer, etc.)?

If not, you'll find the game a bit difficult at first, but the game does guide you through a couple of "tutorial" dungeons to help you get started. These dungeons emphasize on different types of items you'll be finding in dungeons, for example, one dungeon mainly focuses on the herbs you can find while another focuses on the numerous staves you can use (You swing them to cause numerous effects to happen either to you or your enemies, like sleep, paralysis, etc.)

There aren't a whole lot of story dungeons, so you probably will finish them all in a day or so, but the real fun comes after the game ends when you have access to all the bonus dungeons. Each of them are fairly challenging, so you'll be be plugging away at them for quite a while.

Torneko is fun, but in a different way as apposed to other conventional RPGs and other genres.

User Info: Jati_no_Rei

11 years ago#3
This game is in fact full of fun. It is my 2nd favorite MD game (my fav being Shiren for DS), and a great RPG all around.
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  2. Torneko: The Last Hope
  3. wooo`~~~~~~~is this game full fo fun?
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