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User Info: Waver92

8 years ago#1
I guess I'm spoiled by the tighter driving mechanics in the later MKs, but its really hard to pick up now. The turning is outward and wonky, and I don't remember the CPU rubberbanding so badly...

*Sigh* It's just not as fun as I remembered, like Kirby Super Star.
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User Info: SSJ_Burpy

8 years ago#2
I agree; I used to really enjoy this game back up until a couple of years ago. Picked up and played MK DS and then tried to come back to super circuit and I now suck at it because the mechanics are so different

User Info: XxPika740xX

8 years ago#3
this is more like the original than any other Mario Kart.
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DumpsterMcNuggets 8 years ago#4
I admit, since I finally unlocked the last of the SNES cups(and respective tracks) earlier this year, that I haven't replayed this game. It's only because I'd been trying to unlock everything in Mario Kart DS(lol), since I finally found a cheap copy of this game(and in great shape used and CIB, too) after a lot of looking.

I haven't gone back to replay MK:SC yet(have had an urge to suddenly once again play GBA and GB games as of late, for whatever reason on my SP), but I was going to soon just to see if what you guys said about it being harder to return to is true. I do have a MK:SC cart in the same place as my SP I take with me on trips, so I'll test this theory out then. I do know that due to the fact I was so used to the newer F-Zero games(X and GX on N64 and GCN), that it was harder for me to enjoy the SNES F-Zero as much as I was thinking when I finally played it for the first time(still did love the classic music on it, a handful of them Nintendo has sadly not reused since the original SNES game, and am not talking about the tunes that play during regular F-Zero races). And don't get me wrong, I still will play the SNES F-Zero every now and then.
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User Info: ShadowMario3

8 years ago#5
Yeah, Super Mario Kart/Mario Kart Super Circuit is very hard to get used to if you're too used to DS/Wii/7. I find the rubberbanding to be the same though. 64's rubberbanding (in Mirror Mode) was probably the worst in the series.
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  3. Not as fun as I remembered...
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