Ladder about to reset!!!

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User Info: TreeDigger

4 months ago#1
Id say 30 more mins tops and it should be up. Just wanted to wish everyone good luck with the drops!!!

For somereason it wont let me post on the blizzard forums. I got a battle tag and it says I dont have a battle tag so I cant post lol.

Good luck to all. Im on East!

User Info: TreeDigger

4 months ago#2
Oh man this is nasty. 1.5 hrs after reset and I cant play :(

Not being able to post in the forums is irritating me now, seems some people can play yet I cant. (never used hacks ever so....)

User Info: c13rocks

4 months ago#3
They know the screwed up, so they reset again and it will come back online for everyone soon. So the people who made it to level 10 or so will be reset.

User Info: BiIlyAssManGunn

4 months ago#4
Did it reset

I want to play again

User Info: Viperswhip

4 months ago#5
The reset was very poorly done, and I died at level 35 on night two and just decided to not bother with this ladder.

I think I may be done with Classic, it's the xpac I love but I have always leveled first in classic for forge rushing, but I am not going to bother anymore, I love the xpac too much.
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  3. Ladder about to reset!!!

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