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User Info: KHAOS4

10 years ago#1
So guys, in my entire D2 online career, all I've made are blizzard sorcs and hammerdins. It's getting kind of old, so I was wondering what you guys would suggest I make next? I've got 27 hrs right now (W/SC/NL) to fund this character, and can get more if needed. I've always wanted to make a bowazon, but they seem to be more PvP than PvM. Some more builds that interest me are javazon, WW barb, and maybe summoning necro. If someone could recommend a fun class to play that can solo most of the big MF spots in Hell with an approximate price for optimal gear (not perfect, but I want at least low versions of the best gear - for example, before I played my current hdin I made sure he had a hoto, spiders, maras, enigma, hoz, cta, buff spirit, insight and fort for merc, etc.) I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to wander from classes I mentioned, as long as they're fun to play PvM.

User Info: ximaus

10 years ago#2
So guys, in my entire D2 online career, all I've made are blizzard sorcs and hammerdins. It's getting kind of old, so I was wondering what you guys would suggest I make next?

--Windforce Bow
---Harmony Bow on Switch
--M'Avina's Circlet (or a decent Rare Circlet)
--Razortail Belt
--(Boots of your liking and/or need)
--Raven Frost + (a dual leech + AR ring preferably, or life leech + AR if not)
--Cat's Eye (alternatively Atma's Scarab)

--Merc: Act 1 Cold Rogue
---Faith Bow (Diamond or Ward Bow)
---(Whatever else you want to give her)

Guided Arrow - Max
Multiple Shot - 16 - 20 (with +skills)
Strafe - 1 - 6 (the ED doesn't help that much)
Critical Strike - 8 - 16 (with +skills)
Pierce - 9 (with +skills)
Valkyrie - Max

You can then either go for Decoy as a synergy to Valkyrie or add points into Penetrate for more AR.
Ideally, for PvM, you want 7000+ AR. You can get by with less, but it won't be as easy. Since you are not equipping the Faith bow yourself, you will be missing out on the added AR. However, a Windforce Bow with the Faith Aura will deal more damage than a Faith bow.
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User Info: Efrate

10 years ago#3
Javazons are a blast and not all that expensive. Get a titans, eth or non doesn't matter lightning does most your damage. Use a griffons with a 5/5 lite facet, coh or nigma for armor, SS with an um or a jmod with lit facets for tons of damage, t-gods, some +2 (or 3) java ias gloves ideally with resists, an infinity and fort/duress/stone/whatever for your merc and you should be good to go. You can get a phoenix shield if ya want for the redemtion aura or just chug potions. You will throw one jav and clear a screen for the most part, if not then 2 defintiely should.

Its only takes like 3 bers, 2 ist, 1 mal, 1 um, or 3 bers, 1 mal, 1 ist and jah (infinity and coh/nigma respectively). Maybe a lo for a fort for your merc. You destroy groups, make mincemeat out of bosses, and you can get by with a lot less, infiinty is the big one for immunes, or you could go poison and lit but if ya got the runes stay lit and have more damage.

Cows fear you, chaos and baal are very doable with infinity, and pretty much any area you can clear with relative ease.

Zealer or tesladin are fun if you want a more in your face style. Summoners are unstoppable but kinda slow, and you only ever usually cast 1 curse (amp damage) once you get your army built, barring nigma for teleporting, so they can get kinda old.

Posionmancer is kinda pricey but fun, bramble, death's web, darkforce, poison facets everywhere. I kinda like running into a crowd and casting nova then watch as everything dies a few seconds later. And you can break pretty much all immunes with lower resist and the few you cant your merc can handle. Give him something with life leech and crushing blow and you'll be fine.

I like my smiter, he plows through everything and nothing really bothers him, a bit slow but a blast to tear throw groups watching my torch shot fire every few seconds. Takes a while but fun.

Hope that helps.

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User Info: bubbaX

10 years ago#4
try a wolf druid with fury

or an asn with martial arts.

max fist of fire
thunder claws
phoenix strike
shadow master.
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User Info: thedrizzle404

10 years ago#5
fury wolf seems fun, but id recommend getting to nightmare as elemental first, then respecing to wolf. i tried going wolf from level 1 and it took forever to kill anything. (i play on /players 8). you need to have feral rage and fury before a wolf does diddly.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

10 years ago#6
If you are looking for just fun-factor pvm, go with summon-Necro.

User Info: thedrizzle404

10 years ago#7
im playing a summon necro right now, and its only fun for a while. later you notice all you do is stand around and wait for your minions to kill everything. gets old.

User Info: LtMessiahDM504

10 years ago#8
I had a Zealadin with 4 auras running that was a blast. Spent loads of time planning the character on paper along with his merc, then getting the equipment together, leveling, etc. Awesome and unstoppable character.

However, I would be most interested in an Assassin. Either MA or Traps. If you want a "FUN" PVM character, it needs to be something that is engaging. Not a damn summon Necro. Not a Zealadin (my love for mine is somewhat bias).

User Info: KHAOS4

10 years ago#9
I did MF some 2 MA 20 ias gloves last night, maybe I'll make a martial artist sin. That could be fun. Are they solo hell-viable though? I don't see much about them anywhere, and pretty much all I do is MF.

User Info: Darksteel

10 years ago#10
Had fun with my Phoenix strike Nat's sin.
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