Best spots to hunt for high runes?

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User Info: DarnathS

8 years ago#1

User Info: arcshep

8 years ago#2
Hell Countess is the one I stick with. Plus the chance to drop Tkeys...she's a good, easy run, depending on your char.
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User Info: Gamer_Kykle

8 years ago#3
He's right. Countess is the only *Almost* guarantee of a rune dropping, like 95% odds in my case. But more often that not, HRs are a rarity...unless you want duped ones.
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User Info: red255

8 years ago#4
Define High Rune.

Old definition was above what can be dropped from the soulforge, and Lo is the Highest countess can possibly drop.

I would suggest the Chaos santuary, lvl 85 lot of things to kill.

also the halls of Pain on the way to Nithalak, not 100% on this but them flesh spawners on River of FLame, if you use find item on them they can spawn an item.

as these guys spawn in Halls of pain... I would think you could harvest items from them with find item.

That and places like Abadon and such are good choices.
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User Info: SchwarzerPanter

8 years ago#5
Don't try to find high runes. Honestly, I've played this game for nearly 6 years and I have NEVER found a high rune before. Hell Countess has an extremely small chance to drop a high rune, and I believe the highest she can drop is an Ist or Lo rune. I usually run countess for the keys, but occasionally she will drop me an ort or an amn :)
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User Info: DarnathS

8 years ago#6
Can't find item we're an assassin and a sorc running...

Thus far no high runes from anywhere...highest was a shael from a random baal run

Else than that all we get are el thru to ort...

Thx for your replys

User Info: fudawg45

8 years ago#7
Countess is good, she practically always drops runes. I've gotten an Um and an Ist from her.

I also got an Ist from the chest in the bottom of The Pit - but that was the only rune I've ever seen drop there after a lot of runs, so that was probably a fluke.

I find a lot of runes when I don't try to find them too. Just doing some stuff for fun - killing diablo, heading through the sewers below kurast, etc. You'll be surprised what interesting things drop, including runes.

I also read somewhere that the chests near the bonfires in lower kurast are supposed to have good rune drop rates - but after a lot of runs there (like 50 or so) I've never seen a single rune drop at all - it's probably a similar situation to my lucky drop in The Pit described above.

User Info: hkd_flip_ty

8 years ago#8
the highest rune i've seen drop is an ist at the begging of act 4 hell
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User Info: EnragedSlith

8 years ago#9
The very best known spot to hunt for high runes is in the super chests of Lower Kurast. You have to do it in single player for it to work well though.

User Info: ASHNOD

8 years ago#10
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