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User Info: DarkRexxar

10 years ago#1
I have an Orb sorc and I just found a Wizendraw - Unique Long Battle Bow. It says -35% to enemy cold resistance. I would like to know if I need to shoot them with the bow first to get the -35% cold resist on them or does it automatically drop their resists when I'm close to them with the bow equipped.
Thank you for your knowledge.
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User Info: _Sav_

10 years ago#2
thats a good question....idk the answer but i dont wanna leave u hangin......... i would say when u shoot the enemy wit the bow.....unless the makers put a certain device that detected the - to enemy resistances...
thats my best guess


10 years ago#3
You do not have to shoot them with the bow first, you can just hold it.

But keep in mind it only works for the person using it. If you give it to a merc, it won't make you do more dmg versus targets she hits. Nor can you use it and have your cold merc do more damage against your targets.
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User Info: DarkRexxar

10 years ago#4
Thanks Wing for clearing this up. '.'
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User Info: Fenriradramelk

10 years ago#5
another thing to note is that -enemy resists found on gear can't break immunities. So that Wizendraw won't remove cold immunity.

The only exception is Infinity - the -enemy light resist doesn't break the immunity, but the conviction aura can, and when it's broken the -enemy resist can take effect (though, it will only affect your merc's light damage, if you have any facets socketed, their -resist will take effect, as well as any other gear you've got).

The same thing with Lower Resist curse - since it can break immunity, once it's broken any -enemy resist will take effect.

Think of the -enemy resists as a version of Cold Mastery.
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User Info: phoenixflame95

10 years ago#6
Yeah that's all true, but then that makes Infinity not an exception because it still carries -enemy lightning resistance, which has no effect on breaking immunities on its own, rather it's purely the Conviction causing breaking of certain immunities can be broken (some monsters have very high stacked resistances that the level 12 Conviction on Infinity can't break)...like if Conviction can't break the immunity, it's as if the -enemy lightning resistance doesn't exist. And like you said already, if you have Infinity on the merc and its Conviction breaks an immunity, the -enemy lightning resistance takes effect after that, but only for the merc because he/she's the one wearing Infinity. If you wear it yourself, it applies to you, and that applies to the Wizendraw and anything that you need to wear for the -enemy resistance like facets too. Anyways, that's why Cold sorcs are in a way better in pvp than other kinds because players don't have immunities, which allows Cold Mastery to keep deducting enemy resistance so there's no way to stack resistances/ absorption against cold damage completely. Like raven frosts can absorb 20% cold damage each; however, the damage you take due to your lowered cold resistance will overtake the difference in damage absorbed. For lightning or fire, it's different since their masteries boost own skill damage rather than -enemy resistance, so you can stack resistance and put on wisps or dwarfs respectively to even possibly get healed by your opponent. Of course stacking is bm, which most random duels are, so with cold you don't have to worry about it. For pvm though, as people have already said, if you can't break the immunity, cold mastery has no effect, so it's up to you how you put your points.

User Info: ace56

10 years ago#7
which is why if people want to absorb cold damage, they stack resists with duel ravens and snowclash, which i'm pretty sure is enough to absorb cold damage, or you can be mean and just wear a rising sun amulet alone , and absorb the hydras in trav and such
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User Info: mjang3

10 years ago#8
The - xx % enemy cold resists from any item or rAINBOW FACET GEARED ON YOUR SORC WILL automatically kick in when you use your frozen orb or any other cold spell. All xx % enemy cold resists on items stack and it also stacks with the sorc's cold mastery skill.

User Info: thekillerhammer

10 years ago#9
and cold mastery ends up adding more damage then frozen orbs synergy
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User Info: DarkRexxar

10 years ago#10
Thanks alot for all the info guys. Now I know how many points I will put into cold mastery.
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