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User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#1
This is mostly for people who are new, whether it be to Battle.net or the game itself. I left out terms that should be obvious, ie necro=necromancer, Eschuta's=Eschuta's Temper, etc. If you have questions on monsters or items, check out Arreat Summit (http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/). If you're looking for a specific term, just hold Ctrl, type "f", and enter the word in the box.

The sections are:

Item Mods
Specific Items
General Items
Trading Terms

Item Mods

Eth: Ethereal
ED: Enhanced damage (can also be enhanced defense, depends on context)
IAS: Increased Attack Speed
FCR: Faster Cast Rate
FHR: Faster Hit Recovery
AR: Attack rating
DR: Damage reduced by x%
CBF: Cannot be frozen
PMH: Prevent monster heal
r/w: Faster run/walk
MF: Extra chance to find magic items
gf: Percent extra gold from monsters
Slow: Slows target by x%
Prismatic: Adds to all resistances
LL: Life stolen per hit
ML: Mana stolen per hit
LR: Lightning resistance
CR: Cold resistance
FR: Fire resistance
PR: Poison resistance
Ilvl: Item level. The level of the monster who dropped it.
OW: Open wounds
DS: Deadly Strike
CB: Crushing blow
ITD: Ignore Target's Defense
LR: Life replenish
ctc: Chance to cast, such as "10% chance to cast level 3 frost nova when struck"
sorb: Elemental absorb (such as "+20 Lightning Absorb")
Xos: Number of open (unused) sockets, with x being the number (ie 4os archon plate).
Sup: Superior. Superior armors have max base defense, and superior items can add enhanced damage, attack rating (for weapons), enhanced defense (for armors), and/or enhanced durability (all items).

Specific Items


Occy: The Oculus
Fathom: Death's Fathom
GF: Grandfather
LS: Lightsabre
Dcleaver: Deathcleaver
WF: Windforce
SS: Stormshield
Lidless: Lidless Wall
Vipermagi: Skin of the Vipermagi
Shaft: Shaftstop
GA: Guardian Angel
Gaze: Vampire Gaze
Shako: Harlequin Crest, the unique shako
Nightwing's: Nightwing's Veil
Griffon's: Griffon's Eye
CoA: Crown of Ages
Chancies: Chanceguards
Gores: Gorerider
Marrow: Marrowwalks
String: String of Ears
T:god's: Thundergod's Vigor
Arach: Arachnid Mesh
Dungo's: Verdungo's Hearty Coil
SoE: String of Ears
HoZ: Herald of Zakarum
SoJ: Stone of Jordan
bk: Bul:Kathos' Wedding Band
Anni: Annihilus
Gheed's: Gheed's Fortune


User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#2

IK: Immortal King
Tal's: Tal Rasha's
Mav's: M'avina's
Griz: Griswold's
Sig's: Sigon's
Trang's: Trang:Oul's


BOTD: Breath of the Dying
HoJ: Hand of Justice
CTA: Call to Arms
CoH: Chains of Honor
HOTO: Heart of the Oak
Fort: Fortitude


3/20/20: Small charm, 3 to maximum damage, 20 to life, 20 to attack rating
40/15: Jewel, 40% enhanced damage, 15% increased attack speed
120/45: Item (usually a helmet) with three 40/15s
160/60: Item (usually an armor) with four 40/15s
JMoD: Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting (Four sockets, adds to chance to block and faster block rate)
CCBoE: Cruel Colossus Blade of Evisceration
CCBoQ: Cruel Colossus Blade of Quickness
ECCBoE/ECCBoQ: Same as above, but ethereal
Note: These swords were popular in 1.09. A horadric cube recipe allowed you to take three gems and a magic sword, and get three sockets on the sword as well as new stats.

Iths: Old hacked weapons
Hexes: Old hacked small charms
Cracked Sash: And old joke names this as the godliest item in the game, especially if it has an El rune in it or is ethereal with a Zod rune in it. Has 1 defense, 3 durability.

General Items

Skiller: A grand charm with +1 to a skill tree
gc: Grand Charm
lc: Large Charm
sc: Small Charm
HR: High rune
High rune: Vex+
Mid rune: Hel:lem
Low rune: El:Dol
NOTE: Pul:Gul don't really have a term. They're just called by their names. When trading for hrs, people will just give you a number of high runes, instead of listing out like 3 Vex, 2 Ohm, etcetera. They're pretty much exchangeable, ie, you can usually get any high rune with any other.
pgem: Perfect gem
Baal grand charm: Grand charm dropped by Baal on Hell mode (has an item level of 99)
bp: Breast plate
cb: Colossus blade
cs: Colossus sword
cv: Colossus Voulge
pb: Phase blade
Zerker: Berserker axe
Z: Sometimes used to mean "berserker axe" For example, an ebotdz is an ethereal breath of the dying berserker axe.

Trading Terms

P: A "p" before an item name means it's perfect, as in all of the stats (such as enhanced damage) are as high as they can go. The exception is "pcombat charm," which refers to a grand charm with +1 to paladin skill levels
ISO: In search of
FT: For trade
O: Offering
N: Need (Used on Europe in the same way as ISO/FT)
wug: What you got?
wuw: What you want?
pc: price check


User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#3


GA: Guided Arrow
MS: Multishot
LF: Lightning Fury
CS: Charged Strike

LS: Lightning Sentry
MB: Mind Blast
BoS: Burst of Speed
WB: Weapon Block
WoF: Wake of Fire

BS: Bone Spirit/Bone Spear
CE: Corpse Explosion
Amp: Amplifly Damage
LR: Lower Resists
IM: Iron Maiden

WW: Whirlwind
BO: Battle Orders

CL: Chain Lightning
CB: Charged Bolt
FO: Frozen Orb
FB: Fireball

FoH: Fist of the Heavens
HF: Holy Freeze

HoW: Heart of Wolverine
Oak: Oak Sage
Sage: Oak Sage
WW: Werewolf
WB: Werebear
FC: Fireclaws


Super Unique: An enchanted monster who is always in the same area. Corpsefire from the Den of Evil and Rakanishu in the Stony Field are good examples.
Dclone/Uber Diablo: A monster that sometimes spawns after a message pops up saying a number of Stones of Jordan Sold to Merchants. A message will pop up saying "Diablo walks the Earth" and the screen will shake. He will be spawned at the first super unique you run into.

Reziarfg: An April Fool's joke. G Fraizer (ie, Reziarfg backwards) posted information on this "rare monster" on his website. This monster doesn't exist.
Pindle: Pindleskin, a monster found down Anya's portal in Harrogath who can drop nearly any item in Hell mode.
Countess: Found in level five of the Tower in the black marsh, act 1. She almost always drops runes, and in Hell mode can drop up to Lo, making her a popular victim of people looking for items.
Eldritch: Just north of the waypoint in the Frigid Highlands. Easy to kill, popular on mf runs.
MSLE: A monster with multi-shot and lightning enchanted. Shoots out nine charged bolts when hit. Can be very deadly.
MSLEB: Same as above, stands for "Multi-shot lightning enchanted beast"


Grush: Glitch rush. Normally, to finish the Baal quest, you must comple the Ancients quest first, which requires your character to be level 20, 40, or 60, in normal, nightmare and hell, respectively. But, if you're in the party of someone who can complete the Baal quest, and you're standing in Harrogath when Baal is killed, you will get credit for the quest.

Marrowwalk Glitch: Marrowwalks have charges of level 33 bone prison. If a necromancer has no points in bone prison, these boots will give him a level 33 bone prison synergy to all skills it synergizes, granting the bone skills a huge boost in damage at the cost of zero skill points. This works with all items with charges, such as Carrion Wind, which will give a druid's rabies a level 21 poison creeper synergy.
NOTE: It's still in debate whether this is a glitch or intended. The point is that it works.

GA/pierce bug: A bug in 1.09 that allowed guided arrow to hit an enemy multiple times if it pierced. The Buriza-Do Kyanon, a popular bow in 1.09, had 100% pierce and high damage, allowing amazons to easily kill anything.

IBS: Invisible bone spirit. A glitch that makes bone spirits invisible (very annoying in duels). Also works with guided arrow


User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#4

Barter Board: A board on Gamefaqs used for trading topics.
Upgrade: Upgrading the base item of a rare or unique. A ghost armor will become a dusk shroud, for example. This raises the damage (on weapons), base defense (on armors; base defense depends on the armor type, and +defense/enhanced defense will raise it further), and requirements (strength, dexterity, and level).
Dimishing Returns: When a skill doesn't go up as much per point as it had been. If an attack skill raises 15% ED for the first 15 levels, then 2% the next five, that is diminishing returns.
Rush: Basically, when a higher level character does quests for a lower level character so that he can get to the end of the game quickly
Realm info: E=USeast, A= Asia, W=USwest, EU=Europe. HC=Hardcore, SC=softcore. L=ladder, NL=Non-ladder. Ex: E/SC/L means USEast realm, softcore, and ladder
Ladder: Ladder is like a new realm. Ladder characters can't play with non-ladder characters. Every so often (ie whenever Blizzard feels like it, once so far) the ladder is reset, and all ladder characters become non-ladder. Then new ladder characters can be made, starting fresh.
Benefits to ladder: Ladder only uniques, horadric cube recipes, and runewords

The Pit: A cave in the Tamoe Highlands in act 1. In hell mode, it's a good place to look for socketables.
Chaos: Chaos Sanctuary. In Hell mode, it grants pretty high experience up to level 60
c/c: Claw/claw. Referring to an assassin who uses two claws
c/s: Claw/shield. Referring to an assassin who uses a claw and a shield
s/s: Sword/Shield. Referring to a barbarian who uses a sword and shield
PvP: Player vs Player
PvM: Player vs monster
BM: Bad mannered. Basically, things that make duels unbalanced (such as using a lot of cold absorb against an orb sorceress, making her attacks heal you, or using potions to heal)
GM: Good mannered. Duels that follow certain rules to make it more fair
r/d: Realm down
c/i: Connection Interrupted. Makes you exit the game you're in and sometimes causes realm down
wp: Waypoint
tp: Town portal
pp: Party please (how lazy people ask to be invited into your party)
Run: When you do the same area repeatedly, for items or experience. For example, Andariel runs consist of killing Andariel over and over
World Event: This is the name for when Diablo Clone spawns
/players 8: A "code" that sets the players to 8, increasing monster strength and experience. Only works on single player. Type "/players x" to activate it, x being what you want the players set to (up to 8)
Cow Level: Created by transmuting Wirt's Leg with a tome of town portal, after killing Baal on whatever difficulty you're in. A red portal will appear that will take you to a land full of giant walking cows with huge polearms (yes, they attack you). If you kill The Cow King, you can't make a portal in that difficulty again.
gd: Good duel. Used in duels as a polite gesture
gg: Same as above, but sometimes used in an insult, such as "I pwn you gg"
ng: New game. Used to signify when a new game will be made, usually on runs (ie, from Baal run 01 to Baal run 02)

(One more)

User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#5
Build: A certain character type. For example, a blizzard sorceress build is a sorceress who uses blizzard. A "build" usually consists of specific stats, skills, and equipment.
Transfer: Moving items from one character to another.
Mule: A character used to store items
Script: A game's description, displayed above the character listing. Some game names will be "Read script" or other such things. Game names have a shorter character limit than descriptions, so people use this for long trade offers
Roll/Re:roll: Changing the stats on a magic item. Magic item + 3pgems + Horadrice cube = New stats. Stats are determined by the item level.

(All done)

User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#6
That's 52 new terms, by the way (yes, I was counting).
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User Info: Mush

13 years ago#7
I hope you enjoyed bolding it all.

User Info: Vegeta81300

13 years ago#8
Good Job! I like how it looks.
Still thinking of one...
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User Info: Ryutousen

13 years ago#9
Roll/Re:roll: Changing the stats on a magic item. Magic item + 3pgems + Horadrice cube = New stats. Stats are determined by the item level.

The bolded part should be a "-". Whatever.
Sever my arms, hack off my legs, crush these bones! Though I be reduced to dust, I will kill my enemy! -Ogami Itto, Lone Wolf and Cub

User Info: _PsedonyM_

13 years ago#10
you forgot grush
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