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User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#81
Damn right I'm an icon!
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User Info: mafiafun

13 years ago#82
turn this into a faq maaan
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User Info: 4N7HR4Xx666

13 years ago#83
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Mush

13 years ago#84

User Info: jonesin4beer

13 years ago#85
^^ Nice and random.. lol
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User Info: Red_Raistlin

13 years ago#86
Ive made a zon and i use guided arrow, what is a good cheap bow i can use to pump my dmg?

User Info: nemesis55

13 years ago#87
dont forget nk and pk definitions for some people that dont know them
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User Info: Red_Raistlin

13 years ago#88
Ya, u should prolly go through som of these posts and see if there are any abbreviations u didnt use

User Info: Iron_Trap

13 years ago#89
Or, he can just not worry about it because it explains quite a bit and gives good enough abbreviations, and I think he said that he wouldn't be adding dueling terms, although that might have been someone else
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User Info: Fizzles

13 years ago#90
You've got to much time on your hands, dude.
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