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User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#1
All information is current as of 1.10. Most of it is from other sources (battle.net, d2ii, etc), I take credit for rewording and transferring this knowledge only. This is by no means completed; please feel free to add constructive posts to this topic. Thank you.

19/04/2005 – Included Class Specific Section

Useful Links
Battle.net Strategy Guide
Information Tables
Weapon Speed Calculator
Stats and Formulae
Skill Planner

Common Abbreviations
PvP = Player vs. Player.
PvM = Player vs. Monster.
D2C = Diablo 2 Classic.
LoD = Lord of Destruction.
NM = Nightmare difficulty.
cLvl = Character level.
sLvl = Skill level.
iLvl = Item level.
LL = Life Leech.
ML = Mana Leech.
DR = PDR = Damage Reduction (like 30% on shaftstop). Also abbriviated for Damage Reduced by a fixed number like 5.
LR = Lightning Resistance.
CR = Cold Resistance.
FR = Fire Resistance.
PR = Poison Resistance.
FRW = R/W = Fast run/walk.
FHR = Fast Hit Recovery.
FBR = Fast Block Rate.
FPA = Frames per attack.
FPC = Frames per cast.
OW = Open Wounds.
DS = Deadly Strike.
CS = Critical Strike.
dmg = Damage.
ITD = Ignore Targets Defense.
IAS = Increased Attack Speed.
NPC = Non Player Character, i.e Akara or Charsi.
Melee = Any form of hand-to-hand dueling, ie no ranged abilities, some people digress that Smite, Whirlwind, and Charge are not ‘true’ melee abilities.
aka = Also Known As.
WW = Whirlwind (barbarian skill). Also used for Werewolf.
BO = Battle Orders (barbarian skill).
FFA = Free For All, duelling were everyone can participate and usually without any rules.
Pubbies = Public dueling games, mostly FFA.
BM = Bad manners, e.g. random majority of pubby duels
GM = Good manners, e.g. duels with good rules set in place ahead of time.

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#2
General Questions

What is the PvP Penalty?
-The PvP Penalty is 17% or roughly 1/6, any damage when used against an opposing player is reduced to this percent of its original value. This includes Magic Damage, Elemental Damage, and Physical Damage

What is the PDR Limit?
-The maximum amount of PDR % is 50%, there is no cap for static PDR.

What are the Absorb/Resistance Caps?
-The maximum amount of % Absorb is 40%, there is no cap for static Absorb.
-Resistances are capped naturally at +75% and -100%, equipment (and the Paladin resistance auras) which adds +maximum resist can boost the upper bound to +95%, nothing can change the lower bound.

Does ITD work in PvP?
-No, never has never will. The 'Eth' Rune bug in 1.09 has since been corrected, previously an 'Eth' Rune socketed within a weapon granted the mod "-25% Target Defense", which the game mistakenly applied as setting the Target's defense to -25%, meaning they would constantly have a negative Defense Rating allowing you to hit at the 95% chance. That has since been corrected and now 'Eth' Runes remove 25% of the Target's defense per hit. This is an item_armor_defense debuff, not a skill_armor_defense debuff, therefore it behaves differently from Conviction or Cloak of Shadows.

What are breakpoints?
-The game runs constantly at 25 Frames Per Second, every action you do is calculated by frames, for example, a sorceress reaches a Faster Cast Rate breakpoint when she has 37% of FCR equipment, this allows her to cast at 10 Frames Per Cast. Meaning she can cast a non-timered spell twice in 1 second (20 frames of the 25), and 5 times in 2 seconds. When she has 200% of FCR equipment, she can cast at 7 Frames Per Cast. Meaning she can cast a non-timered spell 3 times in 1 second (21 frames of the 25) and 7 times in 2 seconds. The same applies for hit-recovery, block-rate, attack-speed etc.

Do Life and Mana Leech work in PvP?
-It does, but at an extremely reduced rate, even if you create an item that grants 100% Life Leech in Single Player, when you hit an opposing player, you'll notice that you leech less then 10% of your damage, meaning the penalty factor is not static, and increases as your leech increases. It's generally not worth it to have lots of leech.

In what order is damage calculated?
1. PvP penalty
2. Energy Shield/Bone Armor/Cyclone armor
3. Magic/Physical Damage reduced by #
4. Resistances and/or Physical Damage reduced by %
5. Absorb by %
6. Absorb by #

How does slow work in PvP?
-Although slow is usually considered Bad Mannered in any duel, it does in fact work in PvP. However, slow in 1.10 is different then slow in 1.09. In 1.10, slow by 25% would slow your target's current speed (attack/recovery/run/etc) by 25%. In 1.09, slow by 25% would slow your target's base speed (attack/recovery/run/etc) by 25% resulting in a much larger and more noticable difference.

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#3
Does Difficulty Affect PvP?
-Difficulty has indirect effects on PvP, for instance, certain summons have different properties in different difficulties. Things like the Druid's Oak Sage gain immunity to poison/physical damage in nightmare, or things like the Necromancer's Clay Golem have differing base HP in different difficulties. Players are also penalised -40% All Resistances in Nightmare and -100% All Resistances in Hell.

Do you lose experience when dying in PvP?
-No, not by being killed by the opposing player, an opposing player's minion, an opposing player's mercenary, or indirectly by an opposing player (ie Iron Maiden + Bonewall or such). The only exception is if someone hits you to very low life and a monster happens to get the last hit on you. In which case you will lose the corresponding experience penalty.

Do items lose durability in PvP?
-Yes they do, at the normal rate that items always lose durability. The only difference is that you hit things a lot less frequently and are hit a lot less frequently in PvP, so it may appear that your items are not losing durability or are losing durability slowly. This applies to ethereal equipment as well.

What’s up with Poison Charms?
-Poison charms are not penalized by the 17% PvP Penalty which is why massing poison is generally considered Bad Mannered. Poison charms will also take the lowest duration of any form of poison damage and relatively attribute their damage accordingly, this makes them a bad investment for Assassins using Venom, as 318 Poison damage over 8 seconds doesn’t look so great as 15 Poison damage over 0.4 seconds.

What do Critical Strike and Deadly Strike do?
-They're both bugged due to lazy programming by Blizzard employees, while they are supposed to double whatever damage you do on the hit that they proc, instead they automatically double your maximum damage instead. So instead of your base damage of 24-71 being doubled to 48-142, if CS/DS procs, it will always deal 142 damage. If by chance you have an ability which converts physical damage into magic/elemental damage, CS/DS will double the magic/elemental damage as well (ie Vengeance/Berserk).

Do Critical Strike and Deadly Strike Stack?
-No, not in any way, will they stack. Only one can proc on each hit, and the percent chances are rolled seperately, Critical Strike is ALWAYS rolled first. You cannot deal 4x damage because if one of them procs, the other will not. The only way you can achieve 100% CS/DS is to have 100% in one of them, 80% in one and 20% in the other will not equate to 100%.

What is the Anya bug?
-If you die once in a game, the resistance bonuses you gained from completing the "Save Anya" quest in all difficulties will simply disappear until you quit and rejoin the game. It's usually a bad idea to factor these into your maximum resistances.

Can you still 'pop' while dueling?
-No, the game will maintain 14 bodies, one for each death, if you die more then 14 times, then your first body will pop. If you leave the game with bodies still un-picked up, only the one with the highest gold value will be preserved (that's the one with equipment worth the most gold when sold to a vendor).

What Modifiers work in PvP?
-Crushing blow, it's 1/10th for melee attacks against an opposing player and 1/20th for ranged attacks against an opposing player.
-Chance to cast, on striking, struck, or attack
-Open Wounds, by the formula:
Level=1-15: (9*Level+31)/256
Level=16-30: (18*Level-64)/256
Level=31-45: (27*Level-374)/256
Level=46-60: (36*Level-779)/256
Level=61-99: (45*Level-1319)/256
-Deadly Strike/Critical Strike

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#4
Class Specific Questions


Life: 50, +2 / cLvl
Mana: 15, +1.5 / cLvl
Stamina: 84, +1 / cLvl
20 Str
25 Dex
20 Vit
15 Nrg

Is the Guided Arrow bug still around?
-No, in 1.09, having 100% pierce meant that firing a guided arrow at a single opponent would cause that arrow to pierce back and forth dealing damage repeatedly to one opponent, when coupled with the Knockback mod, many people felt that this glitch was overpowered and it was removed in 1.10. Guided Arrows cannot pierce the same target twice, but can pierce through and seek a new target.

Is the Fire Arrow bug still around?
-No, in 1.09, having 1 point in Fire Arrow converted all of your damage to fire damage allowing Bowazons to dispatch with Physical Immunes relatively easily (provided they weren’t also fire immune). Since 1.10, Fire Arrow now converts the indicated amount of physical damage.

Is the Critical Strike bug still around?
-No, in 1.09, Critical Strike as a skill granted to the Barbarian, Assassin and Amazon would prevent equipment granted Deadly Strikes from rolling. Now in 1.10 the two are rolled separately with Critical Strike being rolled first. They cannot both proc on the same attack as listed above.

What is so good about CS Zons?
-Charged Strike Zons use the attack Charged Strike to deal massive lightning damage, because the attack releases bolts on striking, each bolt does massive individual lightning damage and it is not difficult to hit a single opponent with many bolts getting close to 100K in lightning damage in most cases since they all spawn from a single point. It is sometimes considered Bad Mannered to use a CS Zon in melee duels.

How come my Bowazon only does 500-3000 damage?
-That’s just the way it is, even stacking charms and ED%, Bowazons still deal pathetic damage, but don’t worry, the pay off is their high Critical Strike %. Typically you’ll have around 70% Critical Strike, and as listed before, this is slightly misleading, as it will ALWAYS do double your MAXIMUM damage, so a 70% Chance to do 6000 damage per hit is pretty impressive.

How is Dodge/Avoid/Evade rolled with Block and AR/DR?
-Attack Rating vs Defense Rating is always rolled first, if the opponent succeeds in striking you, your chance to block is rolled, if your chance to block fails, then the game checks the corresponding evasion skill.

Titan’s or Tstrokes?
-Personal preference 9/10 times, good cases can be made for both, typically if you’re a non-teleporting Javazon, people recommend keeping Titan’s and Whistan’s on switch (after prebuff) because of the FRW Boost and quick block shield allowing you to catch people quickly. Tstrokes have the very nice added benefit of piercing enemy resistance, reducing somewhat the effectiveness of opposing resistance stackers.

I saw a pair of +6 Javelin & Spear skills javelins/spears, is this hacked?
-No, the amazon specific Bow and Javelin/Spear items can carry +3 to Bow/Xbow skills or +3Javelin/Spear skills (respectively) as automods (randomly determined innate mods). If they also happen to carry a prefix that grants +3 to that skill tab, they can indeed have +6 to those skills.

How come nobody wants my Bow/Xbow GCs?
-They’re bad. They boost damage by very little compared to other GCs (unless you’re an elemental Bowazon), most people prefer 3/20/20s to boost damage or Passive & Magic GCs to boost their skills.

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#5

Life: 50, +2 / cLvl
Mana: 25, +1.5 / cLvl
Stamina: 95, +1 / cLvl
20 Str
20 Dex
20 Vit
25 Nrg

What works with Blade Sentinel?
- Deadly Strike
- Elemental damage/Venom (3/8)
- Physical/Weapon damage (3/8)
- Pierce Target (natural)
- Prevent Monster Heal

What works with Blade Fury?
- Ignore Target Defense
- Deadly Strike/Critical Strike from Claw Mastery
- Crushing Blow
- Hit Causes Monster to Flee
- Knockback
- Chance to cast on Striking
- Hit Freezes Target
- Elemental Damage/Venom (3/4)
- Leech
- Open Wounds
- Hit Blinds Target
- Prevent Monster Heal
- Hit Slows Target
- Physical/Weapon Damage (3/4)

What works with Blade Shield?
- Deadly Strike
- Elemental Damage/Venom (1/4)
- Leech
- Physical/Weapon Damage (1/4)

What works with Kicks?
- Leech (both from equipment and Cobra Strike)
- Elemental Damage/Venom (note: Venom is only applied on the monster you target DTail on, not the AoE. However, elemental damage on equipment is added onto the AoE. Elemental damage/Venom is applied on every kick of DTalon, and on DF)
- Crushing Blow
- Open Wounds
- Prevent Monster Heal
- Chance to Cast on Striking
- Hit Causes Monster to Flee
- Ignore Target Defense
- Hit Blinds Target
- Hit Slows Target
- Hit Freezes Target
- Chance to Cast on Attacking
- KnockBack (natural)

Are any mods transferred from the off-hand claw when Kicking or using the Blade skills?
-No, all of the above mods must be on the primary claw (the one you equip first when dual wielding). Do note that this claw order (between the main and off-hand claw) is reset after you gain a level or take a Town Portal/Waypoint, so remember to re-equip your claws after these events. However, shields tack on the above effects, if they possess the proper mods (e.g. OW on SwordBack Hold works on BF and Kicks).

Does IAS on my off claw affect my attack speed?

Do traps benefit from +% Lightning Damage and -% Enemy Lightning Resistance?
-No, traps are considered minions, those things will only benefit you. Exceptions are of course, Shock Web and Fire Blast.

I heard Weapon Block has been nerfed, is this true?
-Somewhat, it still can block anything in the game (while normal block can only block physical things), but it now suffers a 1/3rd blocking penalty if you’re moving. This does not apply if you’re attacking or using WW.

Does +% Block or +% Faster Block Rate affect Weapon Block?
-No. Only +skills affect Weapon Block

What skills don’t work against other players?
-You can’t convert other players using mindblast, nor can you blind other players using Cloak of Shadows

I heard there’s a bug with Cloak of Shadows, is this true?
-Sort of, the +% Defense buff that you receive from Cloak of Shadows is different then the +% Defense Boost you would receive from a similar skill like Shout or Defiance, instead, this bonus is somehow classed as item_armor_defense instead of skill_armor_defense. This would apply similar to how Enhanced Defense on a Weapon would apply. Basically, you count up the total listed defense of all your equipment, then apply Cloak of Shadows, then apply any other skill_armor_defense bonuses like Shout or Defiance. This results in a much higher boost in defense.

Does the Cloak of Shadows debuff work in the same way?
-No, the -% Defense debuff that your opponent receives from Cloak of Shadows is classed correctly as skill_armor_defense and will apply to the final defense after item_armor_defense is already attributed.

What type of damage is Mindblast?
-Pure physical, Psychic Hammer deals half magical and half physical damage

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#6
Is the Claw Mastery bug still around?
-No, in 1.09, Claw Mastery used to grant 100% Critical Strike and the values for %Enhanced Damage and %Attack Rating were reversed (although not listed that way), that has since been corrected.

How come my Weapon Block didn’t block Firewall?
-Weapon Block cannot block Damage over Time spells, this includes the Meteor burn damage, Firewall, Blaze, Molten Boulder, etc.

What is the range on Blade Shield?
-6 yards, weapon range does not affect it.

What speed attributes do the Assassin skills benefit from?
-FCR helps in casting mindblast
-IAS helps in laying traps

Can you stack the auras?
-Fade and Burst of Speed are mutually exclusive, Venom may be stacked with either of them.

What is stunlock?
-When you cast Mindblast, you send the opponent into hit recovery animation, every subsequent hit on them before they recover will keep them in hit recovery animation, therefore by manipulating traps like Wake of Fire and Mindblast, you can lock someone in hit recovery animation, effectively stunning them.


Life: 55, +2 / cLvl
Mana: 10, +1.5 / cLvl
Stamina: 92, +1 / cLvl
30 Str
20 Dex
25 Vit
10 Nrg

Is the Critical Strike bug still around?
-No, in 1.09, Critical Strike as a skill granted to the Barbarian, Assassin and Amazon would prevent equipment granted Deadly Strikes from rolling. Now in 1.10 the two are rolled separately with Critical Strike being rolled first. They cannot both proc on the same attack as listed above.

I heard that with 2 weapons you attack twice as fast, is this true?
-Yes provided that they both meet the same break point as the single weapon being used before.

I heard that WW speed is only dependant on the weapon, is this true?
-Yes, only IAS on your weapon will benefit your WW speed

I heard that WW speed is also relevant to your run/walk speed, is this true?
-Yes, the speed at which you travel across the screen is affected by your run/walk speed, so if you have a lot of FRW, it’s best to not run as you’ll move slower and get more hits in (considering you’ll attack at a constant speed).

I heard that Barbarians don’t benefit from Call to Arms, is this true?
-Not entirely, because the +Battle Orders/Battle Command/Battle Cry are considered Barbarian 0skills, they will be capped at +3 even if your CTA is a higher value. However, many people tend to forget that CTA also grants a +1 to all skills boost, which stacks in accordance with the +3 to BO and +3 to BC, however it does not benefit your Shout warcry which is why many people prefer to use +3 Echoing Weapons.

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#7

Life: 55, +1.5 / cLvl
Mana: 20, +2 / cLvl
Stamina: 84, +1 / cLvl
15 Str
20 Dex
25 Vit
20 Nrg

Does off-weapon IAS affect shape-shifting druid attack speed?
-No, just like whirlwind Barbarians, only IAS found on the weapon will affect a shifter druid’s attack speed.

What is this Carrion Ring bug I keep hearing about?
-When you wear the Carrion Wind ring, it grants a certain number of sLvl 21 Poison Creeper charges, due to the complex skill system Blizzard introduced in 1.10, charges now count as full synergies for any skills that they would normally be synergies for provided that you invest no solid points in those skills naturally. So your druid’s Rabies damage is benefited by a sLvl 21 Poison Creeper synergy, this is the same as the Necromancer’s Marrowalk bug.

Why are 6 Shael’d Phase Blades so good?
-They offer shifter druids the fastest possible attack speed, although a phase blade with 110% IAS is sufficient, many people are too lazy to find 2x good 15% IAS Jewels to use in accordance with 4x Shael runes. These are commonly used by Fireclaws druids since their damage is not weapon dependant.

I heard Fireclaws is unblockable, is this true?
-Yes, even though it has an attack rating, it is still unblockable. (except by the Assassin’s Weapon Block ability)

How come I can’t teleport while shifted?
-Just the way it is, a gross injustice to shifter druids, not that any of them need to teleport.

Why does my Wind Druid cast so slowly?
-Druids innately have poor cast rate, the fastest they can get to is 163% for 10 Frames Per Cast

How is damage to my Cyclone armor determined?
-Damage to Cyclone armor is absorbed before Resistances and Absorb come into play.

What type of damage are the wind spells?
-Twister and Tornado are physical damage, Hurricane is Cold Damage.

Is the Summon bug still around?
-No, they corrected that bug in 1.10, in 1.09, any points that placed a summonable at over sLvl 20, would have the same stats as the summonable as if they were only at sLvl 20.

I heard that Rabies poison can kill, is this true?
-Yes, Rabies can kill an opposing player, whereas other poison damage would simply reduce them to 1 life (unless they are already at 1 life).

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#8

Life: 45, +1.5 / cLvl
Mana: 25, +2 / cLvl
Stamina: 79, +1 / cLvl
15 Str
25 Dex
15 Vit
25 Nrg

Does Lower Resist benefit Bone Spells?
-No, Lower Resist can only lower elemental resistances, Bone Spells are considered Magical damage, however Lower Resist will benefit Corpse Explosion (half fire damage) and all the poison skills along with elemental skeleton mages.

What is the Marrowalk bug?
-Marrowalks are unique boots that grant a number of sLvl 33 Bone Prison charges, if you wear these boots and do not place any solid points in Bone Prison naturally, your bone skills will benefit from a sLvl 33 Bone Prison synergy. This is due to the new skills system that Blizzard instilled with version 1.10.

Does the slow from Decrepify and Clay Golem stack?
-Yes, but it’s considered Bad Mannered in almost all situations.

Can poison kill?
-No, only the Druid’s Rabies can ever kill something from full HP, however if you’re target is already at 1 life, a second poison blast will kill them.

Does poison Stack?
-Not in the case of multiple skills cast at the same time, but if you’re using a poison dagger, then any other poison damage you have will all be corresponded to the lowest possible duration and still retain relative damage.


Life: 55, +2 / cLvl
Mana: 15, +1.5 / cLvl
Stamina: 89, +1 / cLvl
25 Str
20 Dex
25 Vit
15 Nrg

Does Holy Shield affect your entire defense now?
-Yes, in 1.09 Holy Shield would only affect the defense of your shield, now it applies to all your defensive equipment.

Does Conviction remove all immunities and resistances?
-No, Conviction can only remove immunities if your total –res is high enough, and it only applies to the three elements of Fire, Cold and Lightning, Poison resistance is unaffected.

Does Weapon Range affect Smite?
-Yes, Smite range is equivalent to weapon range

What works with Smite?
-Crushing blow
-Chance to cast something on striking
-Hit blinds target
-Hit freezes target
-Open Wounds
-Enhanced Damage (not on the Weapon, will not be shown)
-The +Damage modifier (not +max or +min damage)
-Nothing else.

I heard you can passively increase your maximum resistance, is this true?
-Yes, placing points in Resist Fire, Resist Lightning, and Resist Cold can passively boost your maximum resistance bounds even when they’re not active.

Does increased attack speed affect Smite?
-Yes, although with a reasonable weapon and Fanaticism, it is almost impossible not to hit the breakpoint.

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#9

Life: 40, +1 / cLvl
Mana: 35, +2 / cLvl
Stamina: 74, +1 / cLvl
10 Str
25 Dex
10 Vit
35 Nrg

How does Dual Dream benefit a Sorceress?
-The two Holy Shock auras granted by Dual Dream stack together and then are boosted as a whole by the Sorceresses Lightning Mastery making for some very big damage.

Items with the Damage to Mana mod + Energy Shield = Infinite Mana and invincibility?
-No, no no. DTM only applies to physical damage you receive, and it is applied after everything else, so your DR% and EShield% are both applied before DTM, in short. If you have:
500 physical damage taken after PvP penalty, and you have 95% ES.
500 * 0.05 = 25 life lost, 475 Mana lost with slvl 16 Telekinesis (important synergy for ES). (1:1 ratio)
You have 50% Damage to Mana, which gives you 13 Mana (25/2 = 12.5 rounded up to 13)
So in the end you lose 25 life, 462 Mana.

Is Cold Mastery worth it?
-Absolutely, it can take your opponents resistances into the negatives making it much harder for them to resist your attacks, much better then the other two masteries in this situation.

Can you use Static Field against other opponents?
-Not against players.

If you have any additional questions/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Most technical data can be found at the aforementioned websites, please check there first before contacting me. Also, please keep in mind that I no longer play the game actively, therefore I cannot possibly provide you with Godly items, so please do not ask. Thank you.
"Behind the eyelids, a flickering flame. Beneath the dream, a flickering sorrow."

User Info: Diamond Angel99

Diamond Angel99
13 years ago#10
"Behind the eyelids, a flickering flame. Beneath the dream, a flickering sorrow."

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