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User Info: bshwalker

2 years ago#21
So now that I've collected myself-
PeterEliot- It's good to see you. Last time I saw you you had just finished with your military service. I'm glad things went well. As the years have passed, I've come to appreciate your writing even more. It remains the "X" on the best years of gamefaqs.

Ladyhawke2- My goodness! How have you been!! Hows your daughter and grandbaby? Prolly more like grandkid, now!
Do you keep in touch with the Drakan people?
OldLady, Gelbot, Kirviamar and the rest?

Time flies and life is too short, isnt it?
Sorry about your father.

I mostly lurk these days hunting for something interesting. I still mod and play Skyrim, though it's beginning to get very repetitive.

Mookie and Jess- I remember you too! How's life been treating you?

Thank you FBG for rounding up some of the best GF's has ever seen!!

Our gaming course runs almost parallel!
I find as of late that I'm enjoying retro games on the ipad or emulated on the pc more than anything else!

So great to hear from you all!
Being called nostalgic is a compliment. Thanks for noticing!

User Info: ladyhawke2

2 years ago#22
bshwalker, hi! Oh my goodness...it is so good to "see" you again also!

Yes, I actually do keep in touch with Old Lady, Gelbot, Kirviamar, Outlaw, thethinwhiteduke and Wolfshadow (??)...oh gosh I think that was her name her on GameFaqs. I know it had Wolf in the name! lol I will let them all know about this topic to see if they can stop by!

My grandson is now 7 years old! The light of my husband and my life! :-)

Three more years and I will be retiring from work! Maybe one...since social security will be kicking in! LOL

I will let Old Lady, Gelbot, Kirv and Wolf all know you are all here on this board!

fatbaldguy, I'm about half way through TLG. Had to look at the FAQ twice! Hate the stupid guards that you have to fight! LOL I actually sent the guy that did the FAQ an easy tip on how to get past one hard combat part that I stumbled upon by accident!

User Info: JoveHack

2 years ago#23
Hello guys,

Sorry I'm late but glad to be here at last. I came to ICO late, but did the best I could with the board. I remember the "ICO fans from around the world" thread. And I'm so honored to be in the same thread as Peter Eliot.

FBG, thanks for the thread and the heads up.


Here's a neat thing to check.


That gives the number of posts you've made to any newsgroup you've ever posted to.

I have 120 topics and 190 messages here.

I guess the topics number is how many different topics I've posted in.

Not sure how I got to 190 messages since I came in so late. It's nice to think I made a bit of an impact anyway.
Jove the Sleep Depraved
"You're like the only nice person on GameFaqs!" - Giinjii

User Info: fatbaldguy0

2 years ago#24
Well, fellow Ico boaders, I finally finished TLG this past weekend and... just....


I'm left speechless. We have been gifted another beautiful, unique fairy tale from Ueda and his team. The Last Guardian slots perfectly into the world that's been crafted and, as with the other two games, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since the final credits rolled.

I want to expound more upon the game, but just needed to update and tell everyone, especially those whose minds periodically drift back to Ico and SotC with deep appreciation and fondness, that this is a story you will enjoy.

More in depth discussion to continue, but just checking - has anyone else had a chance to play this beautiful game to completion?
"I thought what i would do was pretend to be one of those deaf-mutes."

User Info: Mookiethebold

2 years ago#25
I played TLG and beat it within a week of release. I liked it, BUT... I felt as though the emotional bond between the boy and Trico was forced on me and it had almost no impact. The controls were frustrating, Trico was annoying and the boy was the least interesting character from all the Team Ico games. I was glad to be done and have had no desire to go back for a second playthrough (which is unusual for me because I love trophies and get the platinum for pretty much every single game I play unless it's ridiculously difficult to do so).

The visuals were gorgeous. Trico was incredibly realistic for a video game animal. The puzzles made sense and none were very difficult. But... eh. After waiting nearly a decade for TLG, it just didn't live up to the hype for me.
the edge of nowhere

User Info: RocketJess

2 years ago#26
Mookiethebold posted...
I felt as though the emotional bond between the boy and Trico was forced on me and it had almost no impact.

I felt much the same. The partner relationships in the other games seem to develop naturally, but the bond with Trico felt fake somehow. I was acting it out, rather than feeling it. It's more on the level of watching a movie than an interactive game-experience - except the plot is rather too thin.

I've said elsewhere - I think it's working in the opposite way to ICO where the story and your gameplaying goals are the same: protect Yorda, or you both die. But here, it's 'staged' - Trico can't really be injured, unless the story calls for it (and when it does, there's still no real urgency at a gameplay level) - and once I realised that, I couldn't feel worried in the same way.

Mookiethebold posted...
the boy was the least interesting character from all the Team Ico games

Agree on that too - there's just not much chance to get a grasp of his character, as he never actually interacts with another person in the entire game. Ico and Wander only get a few scenes each, but it's enough to understand their personalities.

I wonder if both problems could have been solved, at least somewhat, by not having the detached narrator, and instead letting the boy talk more. (And yeah, technically the narrator is the boy - but so much older, and in any case he's so matter-of-fact and barely shows any personality in his storytelling either.)

I feel like the game had the weakest story of the three - the "master of the valley" didn't get any explanation or foreshadowing, and not a hint of what the purpose of it all is. In the other games you never got all the answers, but at least you learned what the antagonist was doing and why. I feel like the others had mysteries around the edges of the story, but this game has them right in the middle of the climax - in fact that's where it introduces rather than resolves them!

Basically, the high point of the game is the relationship between the boy and Trico - and that's regrettably not working for me, so that leaves the story to be the appeal... and I don't like that either.

Of course, I didn't like SotC either to begin with - however, the story was good (and emotion-inspiring - except it was mostly dread) but I just didn't like the content of it.

Maybe my thoughts on this game will change over time, but for now I don't know what to think of it, or whether I want to integrate it into my SotC/ICO backstory theory. Unfortunately the best way I can currently think of for doing that, breaks a part of the theory that I liked....
RocketJess, blasting off again!
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User Info: RocketJess

2 years ago#27
I think I should add that I don't want to be so complaining about the game - perhaps I just built up my expectations too high in the years of waiting for (and defending) it. There are good things about it too - they just don't seem to come together right for me.
RocketJess, blasting off again!
PSN: iscah_rambles
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