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  3. does anyone know an easy way to beat the eternal champion with trident?

User Info: booming19

12 years ago#1
im having a hard time with him, or at least with his dragon form. i can beat all the forms (still have yet to fight the eagle form) pretty easily, but when i fight the dragon, he beats me. any tips?
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User Info: chorok25

12 years ago#2
man.. i loved that game, but i could never. beat the eternal champion. it was always that last freaking form.

User Info: tacomachef

12 years ago#3
I'm in the same boat as you, TC.

Damn Dragon-form....

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User Info: luckjon

12 years ago#4

sorry mate, the only person that i can beat the EC is with Midnight. Bedazzle, and then do my 10 hit combo, repeat.

With Trident, i always tried to do the uppercut wave to keep him at bay, or teleport out of danger.

User Info: Coulda-Been

12 years ago#5
Lmao...Trident was the only one that I could ever beat it with back int he day but I cant even begin to tell you how I used to do it. I think I was using that up close spin claw attack on him but I know that I had to use hit and run tactics because he was just so danm hard. Didnt he have like 4 forms and you only go so much energy back after each fight? Man that sucked monkey balls

User Info: Cashew

12 years ago#6
I use to beat him with Larcen back in the day but I cant recall exactly how.. maybe ill fire up the old genesis today
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User Info: EternalWolf

12 years ago#7
At least you guys can get to him, I never could on the Genesis.
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User Info: MasterTae

12 years ago#8
Ive beat him with Xavier and Larcen. Its pretty easy, you just need to jump and kick.
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  2. Eternal Champions
  3. does anyone know an easy way to beat the eternal champion with trident?
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