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User Info: CBASH13

9 years ago#1
In both the PlayStation and DreamCast versions of this game the fight between Maul and Koon is anything but fair. I remember playing this when I was younger and having it beaten with everyone except Koon. It wasn't until two years ago that I beat it on PS for the first time, and a little over a year ago I beat it with Koon on the DC.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes there is a strategy, and it's different for each version. On the DC version, after the cutscene with Maul spinning his saber you find yourself in a room face to face with the sith. Lock onto him, and COMPLETELY deplete your force meter, unleashing nothing but lightning on him. Move in, and what for an opening in Maul's attacks to strike. Use your x, x, R or x, x, a combos, as you can generally get at least on hit on him. Remember to BLOCK! When he moves down the steps, stay on him with the same combos accompanied with well timed blocks.

After going through the platforming sequences, you eventually find yourself on an electro bridge. Use the force, and release more force lightning on him, threatening him into retreat. Follow Maul down, make a couple tricky jumps, and you'll face him for the second to last time. This area can be TOUGH! Watch your positioning, especially is using the lock-on, and take it to him. Maul likes to use his dark side powers here (which are basically the same as yours), so watch out as this can lead to getting knocked off, and falling to your death.

After the hard and lengthy section of the stage when you're not fighting Maul, you ultimately find yourself at the end. The final showdown. This area is chopped into three sections, the first and third are the hardest. Maul holds nothing back here, and you'll probably die a few times, but with patience the impossible becomes probable. Use everything you got, pick up the power ups when you NEED TO! If you can get a couple cheap hits in when he's running away DO IT! If you really find yourself in a pinch in the final room, grab the power up that gives you a random one. You could get the challenge, or you could get much needed life.

If you use these tips and let the force flow through you, you too can achieve greatness, and show the Galaxy that Plo Koon is indeed the greatest Jedi ever! * And you unlock Droidekas! which is pretty cool.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.
It is what it is

User Info: CBASH13

9 years ago#2
I hope this helped someone.
It is what it is

User Info: Suibom

9 years ago#3
It probably will. I love this game, and I've been thinking about picking it back up as of late.
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