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  3. What's the single most exciting aspect of this game for you?
Bulbatoise 6 days ago#1
What's the single most exciting aspect of this game for you?

I am most excited for the battles. The way how my pokemon now rushes the opponent to attack looks cool. Not expecting much variety in animations though. Also, i have on purposefully avoided the recent gameplay because i want the game to feel more fresh on release.
Yasukima 6 days ago#2
So... if I'm completely honest, I'm most excited for the trainer customization.
But out of these it's definitely new Pokémon and forms.
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Inf1ltrated_ 6 days ago#3
New gameplay mechanics, really.

Graphics are quite meh but aren’t too important, and although the region’s design is gorgeous, I find it a bit too empty.

The new Hisuian forms are pretty meh, with only H-Zorua/H-Zoroark, H-Growlithe, and H-Braviary really standing out to me.

So yeah, just the gameplay mechanics.

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fantomas418 6 days ago#4
Third person game
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Love me some Wyrdeer. Woodtorb p good too

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c0mpu73rguy 6 days ago#6
The "historic" setting. I like when games do stuff like that.
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Xander788 6 days ago#7
Option #7 ! Also looking for Trainer Customization !
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A combination of all 4 options above graphics.

Basically the unique experimental design is something i got to try.
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New Pokemon and forms. This is the reason why I play new Pokemon games because they've been pretty lackluster since the XY era. Gamefreak has failed pretty hard with the switch to 3D.

This game though looks like it does so much right or better though. The greater number of Pokemon animations, the improved (but not amazing) graphics, the time setting the game takes place in, customization, new mechanics, and new music makes me far more interested than say sword and shield ever did.
For me it's not having to deal with trainer battles. They kinda ruined Shining Pearl for me, which was the first game in the series I played since the Gameboy days. I just want to wander around and catch Pokemon. I'm also a sucker for side quests in games.
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  3. What's the single most exciting aspect of this game for you?
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