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  3. Is anyone here a fan of every pokemon gen?
No gen you hate? Fond memories with every one?

Im just curious

User Info: vggamercloud

2 days ago#2
I've enjoyed every mainline game that's released. They all have something special to them and my top 20 pokemon come from every generation.

User Info: shinryu_omega

2 days ago#3
I can say I enjoyed them all. I'm not saying I'd go back to play them again, but at the time of release, they all had something new to enjoy.
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User Info: GodOfDerp

2 days ago#4
There were a few I really didn't like. But overall, I enjoyed most of them.

Black and White I disliked because of it limited the roster to just new pokemon. Although B/W 2 fixed this greatly.

Sun and moon I disliked because of its horrible pacing.

Ruby and saphire I disliked because I found the overworld a chore to get around at times.

User Info: 1nternationa7

2 days ago#5
Like: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 (after DLC, otherwise neutral)
Neutral: 4, 7
Dislike: 5

Not including the remakes.
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User Info: Hardcoremash

2 days ago#6
Loved overall: 1, 2, 3, 4

Loved 75% of: 5, 6

Loved 50% of: 8 (so far)

Loved 25% or less of: 7

I'm including mainline/spin-off games, anime, manga, and other pieces of media too when I answer this question. I'm including the regions and Pokemon, too.

User Info: Xanderlise

2 days ago#7
Liked to love everyone but X and Y and Let’s Go

User Info: Gen7Sawks

2 days ago#8
Loved Gens 1-5, liked Gens 6 and 8, and hated Gen 7.
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User Info: Salnalus

2 days ago#9
I'm one of those people that liked every generation for at least a few things each.

User Info: Yasukima

2 days ago#10
I don't really love them all but don't hate any either.
The least liked for me would be gen 7 but I don't hate gen 7
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  3. Is anyone here a fan of every pokemon gen?
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