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User Info: GreekGuy26

1 month ago#1
Heard this from a bird:

- All leaked monsters are available in TU1. Bazel and the apexes were supposed to be in the base game, covid happened.

- TU2 has some more apexes (you can guess for what monsters, those that had deviants), Super Ibushi and a new final boss based on Yamata no Orochi.

- TU3 will feature amatsu heavily in the marketing and some other stuff. Final TU.

- PC version is projected to launch in February next year.

- Event quests are monthly, crossovers with Strider, okami for that thematic consistency. Not many Nintendo crossovers. Some crossovers with weeb s***, I have no idea what they are. Oh, also hunter and Rath armor in fortnite. Apex monsters will stay rampage exclusive till g rank, might change if they receive major backlash.

- Layered armor is a long way out.

- G rank expansion is entering production, no subspecies, focus on western monsters, lots of new apexes.

User Info: KokouGaruruga

1 month ago#2
If TU2 is more monsters that originally had Deviants, that would be just Lagombi, Tigrex, Narga.

Super Ibushi adds up with my expectation that the "100r" sound files for Ibushi and Narwa actually stand for the special forms and not the Rampage's JP name, Hyakuryu Yakou, like I originally speculated. Both start with Hyakuryu either way...

User Info: pikachupwnage

1 month ago#3
What kind of bird?

Sounds good mostly. No solo apex and layered for awhile sucks.
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User Info: Reshkrom1153

1 month ago#5
717999vlr posted...
And Diablos

Apex Diablos is already in the files, and OP said they'd be title update 1 if the leak is true.
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User Info: KokouGaruruga

1 month ago#6
Apex/Nushi Diablos is part of the first leak.

User Info: Tyranidomega

1 month ago#7
I would like to believe this, one for Valstrax being in TU1, and the other for Ibushi getting something special, since all we know is Narwa getting the "Allmother" form.
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User Info: TEzeon431

1 month ago#8

GreekGuy26 posted...
- All leaked monsters are available in TU1. Bazel and the apexes were supposed to be in the base game, covid happened.

Good news if true, we need like 10 new monsters to tide us over for a while. I can see Bazelgeuse and his Blast weapons possibly becoming the new meta for Raw
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User Info: ssj_duelist

1 month ago#9
Weeb Nintendo s***?

Oh god give me that Xeno and Fire Emblem s*** yes
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User Info: Reshkrom1153

1 month ago#10
I'd also like to believe this, but I just do not see 9 monsters in one update, and I see Allfather Ibushi or whatever they'd call it as a G rank thing rather than the next update. As well as having a final boss in update 2 instead of update 3.
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