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  3. Is Rise anyone else's first Gen 5 title? How do you like some of Gen 5 changes?

User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#1
Well, is this your first gen 5 title?

Lads, I need to rave. As my first entry to Gen 5 holy flying fish, what a GAME CHANGER having a sharpness bar and seeing your damage are. Yes, we all know to hit the head or whatever weakpoints the monster has and avoid the hard spots on the monster. But I run the Switch Axe and I unga bunga with zero impunity due to Sword mode's built in... whatever that skill is that lets you hit hard spots without bouncing (it's been a while, you guys gotta refresh my memory).

With this new information on screen, I make a conscientious decision to only hit the head and never touch a hard spot because if I hit Mizutsune's claw, that's damage wasted, weapon sharpnesswasted, and ultimately time wasted. In addition, because I can see the damages, I always try to prematurely discharge when I can help it. I'm doing a bunch of 10 hit blasts that look cool to build up to the explosion, but guess what? That's sword gauge wasted, free sword gauge wasted from the silkbind move (this limited time halted sword gauge depletion is absolutely amazing, my god), weapon sharpnesswasted, and ultimately time wasted.

The idea of not hitting hard spots go without saying for other weapons since they don't have Mind's Eye, but my playstyle has also changed accordingly. My secondary weapon, the IG, I would do the infinite combo XAX or whichever, where you alternate between the baton twirl and some other other move. Now I do A-> A finisher. As influenced by the speedruns, that combo path is fewer, harder hits for less of a time commitment compared to the baton twirl where I do a bunch of different hits but weaker while comparable in damage. Though this new playstyle is less flashy and more safe, it means less weapon sharpness wasted.

I've played all the 3DS titles before this game and I was most addicted to MH4U, to the point where I recognize a few names here on this board where I've gone on Hame runs with to farm LV 140 guild quests so I'm no stranger to the series. While I've gotten away with not being this attentive, having this kind of information smack dab in your face forces you to really consider your playstyle. In addition, it made me reassess the effectiveness of certain moves.

One of the bigger examples for me was the Awakened Discharge. At first I thought it was silly in trailers, but when I tried it out for myself, I thought the move was hilarious and awesome to do. A few Rise demo save deletions later, I want to get off the ride ASAP whenever I do it. You know the drill, weapon sharpness/damage/time wasted etc etc etc, and most importantly, I'm taking damage when Mizutsune does a move even if I'm on the head. It's not safe.

Anyhow, just felt like throwing out some thoughts. I'm having a blast with the demo and the ability to traverse the terrain has been a dream of mine since I played Breath of the Wild and Monhun accomplished this somewhat in a unique and way that feels fitting and natural to the lore. March 26th can't come soon enough.
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User Info: Caroniver

1 week ago#2
Well these are some toxic poll response options.
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User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#3
Caroniver posted...
Well these are some toxic poll response options.

I said those things in jest. Is it really that problematic?
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User Info: MightyBaconX

1 week ago#4
I voted!

User Info: GadgetGabe

1 week ago#5
The new information displayed on the interface that felt like it should have always been there? Yes.

The radial menu? Yes, way more intuitive than the 3DS touchscreen shortcuts.

Faster gathering? Hell yes.

Seemless map? I love it.

Auto-combining? Na, I prefer having to find a proper opening to combine stuff

Weapon movesets? For the most part, yes, though some weapons feel like they have overtuned evasive/counter options. I hate that HBG doesn't have seige mode and how you can move while shooting with the bowguns, it feels like Monster Hunter: easy mode.

Rathian's World moveset? It's alright, prefer the pre-world version of Rathian though.

Restoking at camp? Not sure about this one yet. Having to go back to camp to restock is sort of a consequence that prolongs the hunt for not preparing properly or not playing well enough, so it's something you probably want to avoid most of the time but is an option there for emergencies. Though immediately filling your field pouch by grabbing items from your item box at the start of a hunt kind of defeats of the field pouch and you just kind of have a much larger pouch than previous games, which isn't balanced. Not having to abandon the quest for forgetting cool drinks is a noteable plus though.

Healing while walking + the option to roll out of the animation? No. This takes out a lot of tension from hunts, especially with how Wirefall works.

World's sound design? No, 1-4th gen's sound design was honestly perfect and it's definitely a step down
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User Info: MartinAW4

1 week ago#6
I skipped out on MHW after seeing the negative changes they implemented like mantles, the skill system, low amount of content, mid quest restock, move heal, instant traps and monsters dying extremely fast.

However there were also many good additions like the Training area, seamless maps, damage numbers, sharpness gauge, most of the moveset additions (which work even better in Rise now that they're better balanced), faster gathering, more control over the hunter's movement and attack angles, more storage space, the radial wheel and probably a few more I'm forgetting.

So far in Rise, the good changes were all kept and several of them were even upgraded to the next level. From the negative changes, they've kept more than I was hoping for unfortunately. My biggest disappointment so far was the skill system being the same as in World.

But Mantles are confirmed to be gone, the amount of content looks very good so far so if they manage to make the HR monsters not die to end game gear in sub 2 min. and give us a good post game mode, then all the positive changes will be enough to compensate for the negatives and make Rise a contender among the best MH games in the series.

User Info: 48hotaru

1 week ago#7
Skipped World but so far, I'm having a positive experience with the Gen 5 changes. I miss the flex after consuming items but I'd rather not go back lol, I like being able to cancel the animation as soon as I'm healed.

Item restocking on the camp isn't really useful to me. I find it really hassle to escape a monster just to fast travel to the camp because you can't fast travel during combat.

Some other features I like: fast gathering and sharpness gauge
Don't care for: radial menu and damage numbers
Looking forward to: training area and expedition quests
No opinion: World Skill system (mostly because I'm leaning towards the old system. I still need to experience it myself)

User Info: Saixe

1 week ago#8
Where's the i skipped mhw because its not a handheld monhun?

But i'm definitely liking the QOL improvements/crutches and the mhw movesets.

Really hoping rise endgame does have a good chunk of monster roster that's as challenging as mizu demo. And boy do i hope they tone down team flinches and add more superamor notably on CB. Thing can't morph properly anywhere near a monster. Even bow gets flinched locked out of nowhere by a longpelletsword sleep paralysis demon.

me no ple mhw

User Info: DaDrkKnight

6 days ago#9
Played all localized games
Its business as normal for me, I find wyvern riding to be clunky and pace breaking, but that is it.
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User Info: YoungThugger

6 days ago#10
First MonHun.
The Chronicles of Balrog
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