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  3. Are you thinking of trying a new weapon for rise?

User Info: misterhuffnpuff

1 month ago#1
I used almost all of them on Gen so there isn't something i'm all too interested that i haven't used myself, but i might give the lances a try. The regular lance seems fun.

I do wish to see some variety online instead of everyone using Long sword and great swords in GU.

Maybe the better gunner controls and gyro aiming there will be more gunners this time around.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: WizardofHoth

1 month ago#2
Ever since Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate I always sticked with great swords and long swords. So ill keep using great swords and long swords for Monster Hunter Rise.

But I just might get back to using sword and shield once in awhile. maybe dual blades to see if theres been any changes or whatever.

User Info: MightyBaconX

1 month ago#3
I'm gonna end up using all of them, but I think I'm gonna use SnS or DB to start in Rise.

User Info: Dynme

1 month ago#4
I haven't used LS yet, so considering picking it up for Rise. >_>

User Info: Prinny25

1 month ago#5
I narrowed it down to the SnS, Hunting Horn, Hammer, Charge blade and the Dual swords and with the one of the bow guns

I mainly used the great sword in MH Gens and I decided to give another weapon a go for rise I narrowed it down to a list of weapons that I have rarely used or never used at all but out those weapons I've listed so far the Hammer and the Hunting horn are on top of my lists with a bowgun for monsters I don't like fighting in melee

User Info: KariyaLollipop

1 month ago#6
I always switch weapons each game. Thinking of going IG for offline and HH for online play.
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User Info: IvoEska

1 month ago#7
I might use IG because I have no idea how it works and I hate myself.

Gyro aiming for the kinsect might finally make the weapon bearable for me

User Info: KurisuFenris

1 month ago#8
Nope, SnS for days.

User Info: MartinAW4

1 month ago#9
I like to stick to my main weapon, the DB for each game to explore the new changes and beat the story. And then once I reach post game I start experimenting with all the other weapons.

I just hope we'll get more equipment save slots this time since as a DB main, I usually have around 12 sets just for DB alone, which doesn't leave much room for the other weapons.

User Info: misterhuffnpuff

1 month ago#10
Dynme posted...
I haven't used LS yet, so considering picking it up for Rise. >_>
Plz don't, we have enough LS :(

KurisuFenris posted...
Nope, SnS for days.
U guys are cool tho
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  3. Are you thinking of trying a new weapon for rise?
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