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Yep! Both myself and my mom. I don’t know if my brother is, but he’s working on it last time I heard.
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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

2 weeks ago#22
Getting my second one tomorrow!
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User Info: VincentVega

2 weeks ago#23
Kanatteru posted...
i live in ontario

if i get my first dose by july i’ll be thrilled

Same. I work at a university that's responsible for 80% of my cities cases, have been classed as essential so have been at work every day during the pandemic and still can't get a vaccine and definitely won't have both doses by the time school resumes in September.
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User Info: teddy241

2 weeks ago#24
got my first shot Monday. then i go back early May. Two weeks after the final shot i should be 96% immuned or whatever they call. I think the U.S. should really see the infection dwindle come June

User Info: wwinterj25

2 weeks ago#25
Nope. I'm in the minority for eligible pricks.
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User Info: DMX99

2 weeks ago#26
whats it like on the vaccination sites? are you gonna be in a car or not? is there a long line?

User Info: Dark_SilverX

2 weeks ago#27
DMX99 posted...
whats it like on the vaccination sites? are you gonna be in a car or not? is there a long line?
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User Info: wolfy42

2 weeks ago#28
I've had both. First shot a month ago the place was packed, no 6 feet between people it was like a line at disneyland and it took about 4 hours to get the shot.

I'm not sure if it still gets that bad as my second shot I was scheduled to get it when they opened (8am) and got there 15 minutes early) There was about 8 people ahead of me in line. By the time they opened there was maybe 10 more behind me (and 2 a holes who just cut in front of the line).

Got in and the line jumpers ended up getting the shot after me as they brought us back in a group of 3, they got rooms first but they gave the shot in reverse order lols. Karma.

Felt tired as hell the next day after the shot, but am better now, and only have a bit over a week till the 2 week period is over (got the shot last friday).

Gonna start looking for part time work that I can do like 4 hours a day or something since I can't stand wearing a mask all day, nor can I really stand for 8 hours without thrashing my back (specially not more then one day a week like that).
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User Info: EvilMegas

2 weeks ago#29
Had my first shot in December.
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User Info: Mead

2 weeks ago#30
Yep and it feels good knowing things should get back to a closer state of normalcy soon
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