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User Info: deoxxys

1 month ago#231
keyblader1985 posted...
Girl is kawaii AF
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User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#232
So, I beat up Ganon in BotW. Gonna play some Animal Crossing next. My Switch library is up to 4 games so far(BotW, AC Horizon, RF4, and Odyssey), but I don't think I'll be adding to it any time soon, but there's several I still want.

Started on Wonder Egg as well. Seems interesting so far, no idea if it's gonna be kind of upbeat, or just go down a dark path part way through.

User Info: YoukaiSlayer

1 month ago#233
Falling even further behind in the anime season but just caught up on 300 years witch. I wish every season had something like this. Relaxed comedy that's basically a light yuri harem. It's not especially good, but it doesn't need to be.

Also watched the latest episode of to your eternity. Despite being a sad episode, it didn't hit nearly as hard as the first episode. It actually reminds me of nier replicant that I'm playing now in that the default outcome is the saddest one, but that just makes you not emotionally invest because you know it's coming. There's no shock in the sadness so it ends up just making me feel distanced from it.
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User Info: agesboy

1 month ago#234
been back on a light novel reading binge and i'm halfway through tearmoon empire volume 3

this s*** is incredible. the SAME schtick is pulled, constantly (mia's gluttonous or lazy intentions get misconstrued as part of some kind of master plan of a genius by people far more competent than her, and she's too much of a coward to go against their expectations of her), but it never seems to get old
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User Info: I_Abibde

1 month ago#235
Genderswapped Captain Tylor, eh? Might as well crib from the best.
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User Info: Zeus

1 month ago#236
YoukaiSlayer posted...
Falling even further behind in the anime season

I don't know how the hell anybody keeps up with that s***. It's another reason I don't bother with stuff as it comes out.
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User Info: T0ffee

1 month ago#237
And so we come to the zenith of the isekai genre.

We now have an Isekai-The Game/Tournament.

Super World Reincarnation Exo Drive -Fierce Fight! Different World All Japan Tournament

Year 20XX. A world where the existence of another world has been proved. Due to the rapid development of science and technology, relief from another world has become a competition.
The name of the game is "Exo Drive". Select 4 cheat abilities and reincarnate in a different world! Build a strategy to outwit your opponent and compete to see who can save the world faster and more vividly!
It grows 9999 times faster than ordinary people, it makes you like God, it controls the politics of the world, and so on!
s***o Junoka, a junior high school student with a mysterious C memory [World Liberation] left by his father who disappeared due to reincarnation in another world, is involved in a conspiracy swirling in "Exo Drive" from an encounter with a mysterious organization that destroys another world. ―.
This is the evolutionary system of reincarnation in another world! World rescue battle action begins!

So yeah. Now the whole concept of isekai has been "tournament-ified."

You choose 4 op cheat skill "drive"s, build your "deck", DIE and get isekai-ed, then do your best to accumulate flags and events in the other world to gain points and win the match.

Kinda reminds me of the "Roy" game from Rick and Morty, except without the running into a truck and dying part.
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User Info: agesboy

1 month ago#238
never watched or read it, but sounds pretty similar

mc of tearmoon has knowledge of her past life where she died mainly due to conspiracies (she was pretty dumb but she didn't deserve the death she got because she eventually tried really hard to be better, and everything before that point was just her being extremely sheltered and pampered), and in her second life randomly and accurately predicts a couple of things and tries specifically to avert just those things... which makes the smarter people around her believe she's a genius

in volume 3 the main conflict so far (her empire declining 5 years from now and her facing the guillotine) is no longer a threat but her granddaughter travels back in time and gives her another source of foreknowledge (which she adheres to religiously, because... she's lived through something similar) (spoilers but if you'll never read it who cares)

she has weirdly good luck, but mostly in that every irrational action she takes inspires the people around her to follow her and become better. she accomplishes literally nothing by herself
raytan and Kana are on opposite ends of the Awesome Spectrum.
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User Info: T0ffee

1 month ago#239
So the first HoloEN song cover as the full whole group came out.

It's Take Me Home, Country Roads


They mentioned that they recorded this song all the way back in October, and it kinda shows. Ina and especially Ame definitely sing a lot better now than back then when they recorded this.

Still a cute song, but I am more excited about comparing this to their recent growth in singing skills, and looking forward to a song where they can truly show those off.
"Splashing water on a pervert is like putting lasers on a shark" - Shiho Shishido
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User Info: helIy

1 month ago#240
if i wasn't important, then why would you waste all your poison?
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