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User Info: nogaems

1 month ago#31
diluted arizona green tea 4 me

not one bit cultured when it comes to tea

User Info: eating4fun

1 month ago#32
Yesterday's tea: tried the last tea from my haul, a tea from thailand. It was black tea, but it was more like oolong. Purposefully, some of the leaf was not oxidized. Anyways, 1 pint of it, 1 cup resteeped. It was ok. Certainly, a very unique taste that has no comparison.

Also had a pint of my yixing black tea at dinner

Todays tea: A pint of yixing black tea for work.

Home from work. Just made some masala chai. I love this stuff. Haven't been making it recently because I didn't have milk/sugar, and it takes effort. Gotta make it the traditional way, or else it tastes like any other tea with milk but with spices added.

1-2 tablespoons of masala chai mix, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of water, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix 1 cup of water, sugar, and masala chai mix. Bring to boil, boil 2-3 minutes. Add 1 cup of milk. Bring to boil, and when it's starting to foam over, take it off the heat, strain it, and it's ready.
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User Info: Dmess85

1 month ago#33
Yorkshire tea. None of that Lipton crap!
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User Info: wwinterj25

1 month ago#34
Dmess85 posted...
Yorkshire tea. None of that Lipton crap!
Also +1.
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User Info: eating4fun

1 month ago#35
Yesterday's tea: Morning pint of Rwandan tea. 3 minute brew. I think I should have brewed it longer. Or maybe, it might just be completely arbitrary why I liked it less than before. Night pint of Masala chai. I used the last amount of my better chai mix. The other mix I have has it's cinnamon overpower the other spices.

Today's tea: Morning pint of generic black tea that I can't find much information on. I think it's Assam. Or maybe, I'm just uncultured and say any tea that I find boldness as it's main attribute, is an Assam tea. Afternoon pint, was the second sample from my tea haul. A green tea flavored with citrus. Same complaints about flavored teas, but at least the citrus in this wasn't that overpowering.
Your palace may last forever, but my yurt can go anywhere.

User Info: slacker03150

1 month ago#36
Why does all the tea just taste like stale water?
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User Info: eating4fun

1 month ago#37
Yesterday's tea: Morning pint of a blend of Chinese black tea. I should have ordered more of it, because I like it a lot, but I wanted to keep sampling new teas.

Night pint of Chamomile. That chamomile/lavender blend a few days ago did taste better.

Today's tea: Morning pint of definitively Assam, because it says assam on the box. This one has some astringency to it.

Night pint of a Nilgiri black tea. Second tasting. It tastes more like an oolong than a black tea.
Your palace may last forever, but my yurt can go anywhere.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: blackhrt

1 month ago#38
I tend to only rotate through a small group of flavors of tea. I feel if I try some exotic ones I've never had, that it will kill the interest I've built up for tea over the years. :P

(P.S. the names of tea also seem a little too "overdone" to me)
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User Info: Whitley

1 month ago#39
Are you the spiffing brit?

User Info: wolfy42

1 month ago#40
I went to get some loose black tea from Winco the other day. I looked at the price and it looked ok a bit under $2, but then I saw that it was $2 an ounce!!!! It was freaking $30+ a pound.

Needless to say, I did not get any.

I used to get loose black tea in Olympia for a decent price, it was still much more then buying bagged tea mind you, but it wasn't insane (more like $5 a pound or something).

I'll stick to my liptons (which isn't the cheapest option, but it's the cheapest option that doesn't taste horrid.....to me).

100 bags for $3 in general (unless you get them on sale, in which case I stock up). That comes out to about 3 cents per bag, and adding in creamer and sugar, about 5 cents per cut of tea. It's tasty, I like it, and it's a super cheap alternative to just water (which honestly costs almost as much I get 1 gallon of crystal geyser for 80 cents...which if I actually think about it, is probably more expensive than my tea (considering I boil tap water for the tea).

Anyway, you get used to the tea you use. I used to buy more expensive tea, and it did taste better, but, I truely enjoy a good cup of liptons tea and it tastes great, as long as I have not had a better cup recently to compare it to, I don't miss anything.
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