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User Info: Lokarin

2 months ago#11
I wish I liked tea... it just tastes like hot leaf juice
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User Info: EclairReturns

2 months ago#13
Lokarin posted...
hot leaf juice

You mean like the way that it is described by Zuko's uncle.
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User Info: Mead

2 months ago#14
Lokarin posted...
hot leaf juice

come on try a little
nothing is forever
there's got to be something better than in the middle
me and cinderella
put it all together
we could drive it home
with hot leaf juice

User Info: fishy071

2 months ago#15
I drink tea almost everyday.
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User Info: eating4fun

1 month ago#16
Yesterday, 1 pint of a Chinese black tea blend (of Keemun, Panyang and Yunnan) called Queen Catherine from Harney and Sons. I think it's my favorite tea from them. I haven't tried enough teas to find something similar. Every time I brew some, it tastes slightly different, because brewing time seems to affect it's taste more than usual, and also when I shake and mix the tea tin.

Also, a big cup of masala chai. Bought milk to make it, but forgot to pickup sugar.

Today morning, a big cup of yorkshire gold. s***'s been sitting in my tea cabinet for a while. I didn't like it no matter milk and sugar, or plain. Recently realized that all I had to do was brew it for a shorter time. Most of my stuff is loose leaf, but this is in tea bags, and it's processed into a powder that brews really quick, making it a lot more astringent and bitter than practically any other tea I have. Anyways, it was like a slightly lighter Assam tea.

Also today, recieved my shipment of tea from Harney and Sons. Had a pint of Nilgiri black tea. Tastes similar to Darjeeling, but with a less pine-y taste. I haven't figured out what makes it distinct though.
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User Info: Zacek

1 month ago#17
I'm a fan of black earl tea and strawberry flavors.
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User Info: BlackScythe0

1 month ago#18
I wish I could drink tea, it's just so gross I gotta spit it out every time I try to take a sip though.

Tea is everywhere and everyone seems to like it but me. Makes me feel weird.

User Info: paulisdabomb

1 month ago#19
EclairReturns posted...
You mean like the way that it is described by Zuko's uncle.

Speaking of good old animated uncle Iroh, remember his favourite tea, jasmin tea? I just want to say that jasmin tea is the best tea indeed. But not just any kind, because I had a cup of jasmin pearl tea this summer, and now I don't want to live without it. If you ever see this tea in a shop or restaurant, I implore you to try it. Even if it's the first cup of tea in your life, after a life of hating tea.

User Info: blackhrt

1 month ago#20
eating4fun posted...
I'm buying more tea faster than I can drink it, and I drink 1-3 pints a day. It makes me feel relaxed/good, and alert. Typically loose leaf, black tea without sugar/milk. I'll post here everyday until I get bored of tea.

Today, 1 pint of black tea, and 2 pints of darjeeling, resteeped once.

well, i don't think its something you would get bored of. tea has good health benefits
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