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User Info: darcandkharg31

1 month ago#31
I remember once someone did a baseball team sim where everyone picked and and named their team and went through like ten(?) seasons, that was fun. I think I won like 1 world series
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User Info: PK_Spam

1 month ago#32

First an alarm, then Milhouse was suddenly propelled upwards. The artificial lights of the arena blinded him as the lift finally came to a stop. He was no slouch, really. He had seen the movies, so he knew what to expect. Getting past the bloodbath at the beginning of the game was the easy part. Short of being overzealous and making a beeline for a weapon for the absolutely surest way to get killed, and Milhouse, allergies and all, knew he had no chance of outmuscling some of the competition.

By the time his eyes adjusted to the light, a voice shouted over the speakers positioned on the metal canopy that dwarfed every survival item needed. The Cornocopia. It kept speaking, but Milhouse’s nerves and rapid heartbeat kept him from clearly hearing everything. Not that it mattered, he was privy to the rules. This was for /their/ benefit, not his. He knew the rules, he knew what to expect.

He gazed at the opposition. Directly to his left, Jack McFarland stretched, butt out, not limber at all, and clearly doing it for the attention. Jack gave a kissy face to Goku, who didn’t seem to understand the implication of the motion. Goku kissed back.


Milhouse was brought back to his senses. This was it.


Jack continued stretching. This time attempting, and failing, to stretch his legs up near his head.

He slipped off the platform. A grave error.


A shriek, clearly overacted, but that was Jack’s whole thing.

23 Contestants left, right off the bat. Better chances for him to win, but less cannon fodder for the muscle of the competition to go after.



An alarm blared, Milhouse hesitated stepping off his platform, watching as the rest of the competition set off. Some directly for the center of the treasure spot, others right for the forest just behind him. Organized chaos, just as he had anticipated.

The biggest surprise was Baby Yoda jumping for a small package just a few yards away from his station, and then darting away. Not a welcome surprise. This was something he would likely have to deal with later. This was his time. He wasn’t going to go for a weapon, he wasn’t even going to try for the smaller backpacks spread around the field. He was going to run.

And run he did.

Screams of agony had already sounded, and Milhouse didn’t have the good sense to not look back. Mia Smoak , in the seconds since the game started, she had already gotten into Randy Orton’s face and knocked him to the ground. A second later, she had a knife right to his chest.

Yikes, Oliver probably wouldn’t recognize her like this, but he figured that was just how people be. The second kill. 22 people, and more to follow. Milhouse continued his sprint away as fast as his little legs could carry him. But something was wrong.

“Don’t leave yet!” The voice was too excited for the situation. In a flash Goku teleported right in front of him, put a hand on his face, and in a flash, Milhouse was teleported right to the center of the Cornocopia. Seconds later, Ronald McDonald, Britney Spears, and Winnie the Pooh were right beside him. They were just as shocked as him. Goku was making a power play. Making sure as many people as possible would get knocked out right off the bat.
Milhouse wasn’t about to go and stand and watch anymore, but now he couldn’t dream of leaving right at the moment. The others, the heavy hitters, Bobobo, Commander Shepard, and The Doctor, the first one, were already trading blows, punching, kicking, slapping. He thought he saw Britney dance in place, before sashaying off into the woods again. A bad move.

The Doctor saw her recite Work b**** on her way to a backpack, and lunged forward faster than he had anticipated. The Doctor wrestled it out of her hands, and knocked her down. But he wasn’t done there. He was out for blood and knew what he had to do. Using the strap of the backpack, he pinned her to the ground by her neck.

She clawed at his skin, but his Doctor magic was instantly healing.

“Toxic is NOT a traditional American Ballad!”

Milhouse understood that reference.

Britney Spears was dead, but her legacy would live on through him and the hearts and minds of gays everywhere.

Bless her soul.

21 left.

Leaving would be a mistake, so Milhouse crawled to the safest haven he could find, behind a box of arrows.

“Fist of the nose hair!”

Milhouse’s hiding spot was blasted away by a mass of hair. There had to be something to do, and he needed to figure out what.

Bayonetta had just started delivering an aerial wombo combo on Hank Hill, though he managed to break out of the move just before getting more than 25% damage. She turned his attention to Milhouse.

He beelined away again. Running came with the risk of getting instant transmissioned back to the center, but staying put was just as dandgerous.

“Fist of the Nose Hair!”

If this was an attacked named at him, it must’ve missed entirely, because all he felt from the blow was a small prick on his back. He ran.

And ran.

And ran.

He ran until the Cornocopia was far behind him and the screams of battle had stopped.

He was getting woozy. Maybe he should’ve worked on his cardio.

He ran until he physically couldn’t anymore. A stream of rushing water impeded any more progress forward. But this was fine, right? He sat down, refraining from drinking the water. He knew the game makers often poisoned the water in the arena for easy kills.

Just as he sat down, on a cool stone, he noticed something on his back. A piece of metal. A dart?

The woozy feeling hadn’t gone away with rest. Instead, it was worse.

Milhouse’s throat tightened. This was bad. He was poisoned. It was over before it even started.

As the world around him grew dark, and the milky sweetness of death enveloped his very being, he heard one last voice. A laugh.

“Hah, HAAAAH!”

20 Contestants remain.
6 days before the finale.
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User Info: EvilMegas

1 month ago#33
Damn son.
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User Info: Metalsonic66

1 month ago#34
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User Info: LinkPizza

1 month ago#35
My god!
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User Info: Locke90

1 month ago#36
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User Info: DiduXD

1 month ago#37
Wolf O'Donnell
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User Info: Zacek

1 month ago#38
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User Info: LinkPizza

1 month ago#39
Zacek posted...

I already voted Bayonetta in (along with Link and the Doctor)... Also, he already started...
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User Info: PK_Spam

1 month ago#40

This was more fun than he thought! He hadn’t anticipated the rest of the opposition being quite up to par with him, but Bayonetta had more mobility in the air than he did. And she proved to be a difficult target to hit.
Goku launched a flurry of Ki Blasts at her, not necessarily because he hoped it would take her out, or even damage her, but as a precautionary measure. He needed to keep her as far as possible if he wanted to minimize the risk of getting sent blasting off into the horizon. Goku may not have listened to all the rules of the game, but he /had/ picked up the fact that attempting to escape the arena would result in a certain death. More fun for him. This put higher stakes and limitations on him. A challenge.

Each blast that hit the earth picked up a cloud of swirling dust that clouded all vision. Not a problem for him. After all, he could sense people through their power level, and Bayonetta wasn’t the type to hide hers. She was out in full force. Both literally and figuratively.

“Is that all? You’ve gotten rusty,” Bayonetta said cheekily. She sat atop a tree branch, crossing her legs as he adjusted her glasses with a gun.

Death. Goku felt death approaching. Now wasn’t the time to play coy. This wasn’t just a game now. In a flash, his hair turned blue, Super Saiyan Blue. If ever there was an opponent to take seriously, it was her.

He wasn’t about to waste another moment. He blitzed forward, destroying the earth beneath his feet. In an instant, the tree Bayonetta sat upon was annihilated. She was a shapeshifter, more than capable of deftly dodging any attack by changing into a black panther. Before he knew it, she was on his back, claws dug into his skin. This called for drastic measures.

He cupped his hands behind his back, and unleashed another flurry of blasts right at her body. She screamed in what could only have be described as a lustful moan. She was toying with him, but he had done what he needed, even if the blast had also hit him, sending him reeling over in pain. She lay on the floor, the shock must’ve turned actually hurt. This was his chance. He dashed in her direction, Ki covering his fist. If he could keep the momentum, he might be able to take her out quickly and get on with the next fight. Goku was no slouch when it came to the strategy of the game. If he could take everyone out before they could prepare themselves, he could easily sweep the competition in no time.

The attack connected, and Bayonetta was launched into the air. He blasted off again after her, landing another powerful blow with a kick. This wasn’t the time to play fair. He was going for the ring out.

One more hit.

Bayonetta really wasn’t able to counter now. She was defenseless and too damaged to fight back.

“Kaaaaameeeeehaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Energy swirled in his palms. Finish the battle at a distance. Don’t get close to her. Don’t risk it. “Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!”

Bayonetta smiled.

Goku realized too late.

/Witch Time!/

Time slowed to a crawl.

Bayonetta was right in front of him. Damaged, clearly, she /had/ taken all of those blows, but she had a secret clutch she hadn’t revealed yet. Almost too fast for words, he watched as she did a seductive dance. Her clothes practically evaporated away into a swirling vortex above her. A fist forming out of the writhing mess. It hammered him into the ground with enough force to cause a crater in the earth. So she could stop time. Interesting, but not something he hadn’t dealt with before.

Her jaguar form toppled him over again, and in a flash, she was back to her human form. She c***ed the gun on her shoe and blasted him right in the back, with enough force that Goku was knocked out of his Super Saiyan form.

Witch Time? More like b**** Time.

Okay, now he had a plan. And he wouldn’t even need one of his ascended forms to do it. Goku teleported away. With his skill, and his knowledge of her gimmicks, he would just have to play it safe. Orbs of ki surround him. Her long range attacks could damage him, yes, but he could take her bullets for a while at least. Either she would play it safe as well, and fire at him until he died, or she would get in close for her Witch Time again, in which case his ki would explode, at the very least opening her up for another round of blows.


The voice came from right behind him. Goku swung his fist around, but he only met air.

“You have GOT to change up your tactics.” She was in front of him again, and landed another flurry of kicks.

The orbs of ki all exploded, and Goku took the opportunity to teleport away again. She was keeping him on his toes. Goku was grateful he had chosen her as one of his first opponents. She would certainly have been able to take him out if he was exhausted fighting someone else.

The dust settled, Bayonetta lay on her side in a crater, damaged, and certainly bloody, but with a smug look on her face. What was she planning? Goku had to come up with something. He had to stall for time.

“You’re pretty strong,” he said. “Stronger than a lot of people from my world. How’d you get like that.”

She smirked. She wasn’t falling for it.

In a flash, she changed into her feline form again, and changed at him. Goku’s only option was to block, but she instead jumped right over him. An attack from behind? Goku launched another blast in that direction, but didn’t seem to hit anything.

“I’ve had fun, hot stuff. But I think you should find someone else in your league,” her voice came from an undiscernible direction. Where could she be?

She was gone. No where to be found.

The witch’s voice echoed all around. “If you make it through this next battle, I’ll toss around with you again <3”

The Cornocopia was deserted but undamaged and still standing. It must’ve been made of some tough stuff, because even everything under its metallic canopy was untouched from the battle. But there was one figure left in the ruined battlefield.
"The worst posts on this site come from accounts that have been for either 15 minutes, or 15+ years" -Zado19
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