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  3. If you were going to a major amusement park would you get the fast pass?

User Info: LinkPizza

4 days ago#21
wolfy42 posted...
I wouldn't go without one, and probably not even with one, even if it was free.

I'm not waiting in an hour long line for a 3 minute ride.

If the fast pass makes it 15 minutes for a 3 minute ride....I'd consider it, but probably still skip it.

Some make it to where you don’t wait at all... It depends on the park and the amount of people there...

Bugmeat posted...
The last time I looked into getting them at Magic Mountain there were too many limitations for the cost. Two of the rides that I really wanted to.go on weren't included and I seem to remember limits on how many times you could use it. Or maybe there were just some lines that you could use it once on. I'm not entirely certain at this point. That was like 10 years ago. Anyway, I decided it wasn't worth what they were charging.

It depends on the park and the rides. I know some park where you can use it on all the rides as many times as you wanted. Some places let you use it on new rides like once. At like a certain time.

PowerOats posted...

Last time I went to Six Flags, some students got the fastpass for 50+ bucks. We entered a line around the 45 min wait mark, and they took the fast route. We still got on before them.

They probably should have said something. I probably would have at the price I bought them...
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User Info: Aaantlion

4 days ago#22
No, because I'm not big on rides and the fast pass system in general makes parks less appealing to me.
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User Info: SunWuKung420

4 days ago#23
I don't mind the way Disney is handling the free fastpass system but paying to not wait in lines is just more catering to the over instant gratification of our society.
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  3. If you were going to a major amusement park would you get the fast pass?
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