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  3. Do you think prime simpsons or south park was funnier?

User Info: CedarPointcp

1 week ago#1
which? both shows at their best i'm talking about - Results (140 votes)
55.71% (78 votes)
south park
44.29% (62 votes)
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User Info: Mead

1 week ago#2
Simpson’s in its prime has some absolutely brilliant writing
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User Info: masticatingman

1 week ago#3
Simpsons. But South Park at its best was just so current due to their writing process.
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Prime Simpsons, in my opinion, is the greatest show in television history. That being said, South Park has managed to stay funny and relevant for 20 years now, so it eventually had an overall better body of work, since Simpsons has been s*** for nearly 20 years.

User Info: Nall

1 week ago#5
Seasons 7-18 of South Park are pure gold.

User Info: Krazy_Kirby

1 week ago#6
simpsons, no contest.

family guy
king of the hill
south park
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User Info: Aaantlion

4 days ago#7
Simpsons, not just because it's better, but also because it has a more timeless quality due to a lower reliance on pop culture and societal issues... back at the time. Now it trend-chases in many of its episodes which, while some are funny now, will age poorly.

Granted, that whole dental plan meme will likely die if universal healthcare becomes a thing.
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User Info: hypnox

4 days ago#8
I don't really know either show by seasons or what have you. But when I think back on either show, I find my memories of Southpark to be funnier scenes.

User Info: CaptainObvius

4 days ago#9
I never enjoyed south park personally. The voices just bothered me. I will say Simpsons, although past few seasons were a little disappointing.
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User Info: Keebs05

4 days ago#10
South Park has some gems but prime Simpsons will always be the king.
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  3. Do you think prime simpsons or south park was funnier?
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