3 months ago #23
Managed to get two more raids in, but no real luck.

I got one mewtwo raid yesterday.. no shiny and no shadow ball.


Considering that SB is EX-exclusive and he's not even in EX raids for about another week, it would have been pretty f***ing impressive if you had got one. XD

EvilMegas posted...
Is it better to go for IVs or higher CP?

Say I get a 3 star but it's CP is 300 lower than A one star, do I can the one star?

Depends on what you're talking about. IVs factor into CP so, if it's lower, it's likely quite a few levels lower. I wouldn't power up a 1-star or 2-star (which is sub-67), but a lv35 could be usable as-is if evolved.

However, in many cases, the answer is to just wait until you get something better.

Fierce_Deity_08 posted...
Still can’t really play because they are still ignoring rural areas.

Could always make some alts or something.