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  3. Trailer Trash Couple spends $100,000 in 2 WEEKS after a BANK made a MISTAKE!!!

User Info: Full Throttle

Full Throttle
1 week ago#1
Do you think these trailer park fiends should have been allowed to keep the money?

36 y/o Robert and 35 y/o Tiffany Williams, a Pennsylvania couple are accused of theft after they went on an illegal spending spree when a bank teller mistakenly put 100,000 smackers in their bank account!!

They received 120,000 in their account after a teller at BB&T put the money in their account on May 31

Instead of telling the bank,the trailer trash couple from Montoursvile blew the money in 2 and a half WEEKS!!

Between June 3 and 19,they purchased an SUV, a camper,a car trailer and 2 four wheelers and spent the rest on bills, car repairs, cash purchases and 15,000 to a friend in need

Before the large deposit,they only had $1121 in their bank..

BB&T realized the error on June 20 and transferred the funds to the correct recipient, Dimension Covington Investment LLC

But the couple already amassed 107,416 in overdraft fees

They contacted Tiffany explaining they were expected to repay all the funds but she told them they already blew it all.

She no longer had the funds after paying off bills and buying up lots of expensive goodies,especially the 4 wheeleres.

She said she'd speak to her husband and attempt to construct a repayment agreement

The bank tried contacting them again several times but they bailed

After police arrested them, they realized the money wasn't theirs but spent it anyway cause they never seen that much money before.

Neighbors, including Nate Weaver said it was shocking that the bank made the error with double and triple checking procedures

They were released on 25,000 bail after being charged with felony theft and stolen property

Do you think this trailer trash couple should have been allowed to keep the money?.

Tiffany and Robert - In Biiiiig Trouble





BB&T -


Nate - Neighbor


The goodies they bought -

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User Info: wwinterj25

1 week ago#2
It's theft sure but I mean it was the banks mistake. I'm torn on this one but leaning more towards saying they shouldn't have to pay it back or get into trouble for someones mistake.
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User Info: likehelly

1 week ago#3
when banks make mistakes like this, no, they absolutely should cover it.

because they are the ones who f***ed up.
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User Info: zebatov

1 week ago#5
Fair game. Banker should be fired for that gigantic mistake.
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User Info: Zangulus

1 week ago#6
likehelly posted...
when banks make mistakes like this, no, they absolutely should cover it.

because they are the ones who f***ed up.

Yeah. No. Maybe someone transposed numbers on their slip and the bank didn’t have anything to do with it?
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User Info: wolfy42

1 week ago#7
Hmmm, I'm torn, but I certainly don't think they should go to jail, but instead just owe the bank, and be able to declare bankruptcy like anyone else. Banks error, they spent it, so they owe it, but yeah, they could get around that with bankruptcy.

Sending them to jail is wrong, they didn't steal it, the bank gave it to them, and they went with it.

Messed up system again where the poor people end up paying for things, going to jail etc, where people with money/connections would get away scott free (maybe having to repay the money, but certainly not having to pay anything back that they made with the money etc).

Should have hit a high stakes casino, bet it all on red or something and walked away with either 240k (and been able to pay the 120k back), or nothing, and then had to deal with the consequences. Still a 48% chance to walk away with 120k clear (although they would have to pay taxes).
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User Info: party_animal07

1 week ago#8
If I looked at my account and saw a 100k discrepancy, the first thing I would do is call the bank because obviously a mistake was made.

They knowingly spent money they didn't have. While I think jail is too much, they should definitely pay the money back.

User Info: Lokarin

1 week ago#9
The bank is the one that screwed up, the bank should take the punishment
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User Info: The Popo

The Popo
1 week ago#10
Lokarin posted...
The bank is the one that screwed up, the bank should take the punishment

The bank also rectified it.

The couple are a pair of adults. They damn well knew they were spending money that wasn’t theirs. It’s not like it was $500 extra that hit their account, it was 100x the amount they normally would have had.

Large corporations, including banks, do a lot of sleazy s*** that they should be called out on. This isn’t one of those times.
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  3. Trailer Trash Couple spends $100,000 in 2 WEEKS after a BANK made a MISTAKE!!!
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