2 months ago #95
Was going through my stuff and found my Sidoh figurine. I couldn't even remember his name at first, but when I was going for my final walk of the night before getting ready for bed it suddenly struck me. I had picked up one of the Death Note DVD box sets mostly for the figure (in fact, I can't remember what was on the DVD -- I think it might have been some of the Yotsuba Group episodes, which was my favorite story arc in the series).

Out of all the Shinigami, I think I liked his design the most (although we didn't get to see that many, so... perhaps it's not meaningful). Long story short, though he comes with a stand which, due to the design, he really doesn't need. I think the added room taken up by the stand is why I didn't have him on display somewhere.

In general, I guess it's a little odd that -- out of everything I could own for an anime (or manga) yet don't -- one of the few things I have is a figurine for an anime I wasn't super into. Meanwhile I loved Detective Conan and I don't have anything associated with that series (although they have a Nendoroid now. Maybe I'll get that.)

agesboy posted...
I watched about 120 episodes of conan in a week or two. The formula does get pretty stale the more you watch in one go. It's nice, but it just starts to feel like the entire episode is written around one weird plot twist that obfuscates normal deduction.

I know that the episodes aren't very long, but that's pretty impressive in a weird way. Granted, binging 120 episodes of *anything* in that short a time frame likely wears thin.

Oh, plus the manga tends to handle the episodic element better than the show. Quite a few of the show's mysteries feel stilted given the abrupt beginnings and endings.
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