2 months ago #8
Well, something funny happened. I caught up to live on fire force and it felt more disappointing as the episodes went on. I was thinking "man, after demon slayer I just don't think I an handle the normal shonen protagonist and villains any more". Today I think "you know what, lets catch up on demon slayer" cause I only watched the first 8 episodes.

Episode 9 (no spoilers) immediately starts off with 2 villains immediately being cheesy shonen garbage villains just like I was complaining about in fire force "HAHAHA, I'm SOOO evil, I can't wait to kill these weaklings oh it'll be so fun" "How shall we kill them mwahahaha". Sigh. I just can't win. Am I just the crazy one? Do people really enjoy seeing completely insane "mwahahaha I"m Evil for the sake of being Evil!!!!" characters every 2 feet? I'm not even asking for every villain to have a deep backstory and relatable motivations or anything just...why this way?
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