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CyborgSage00x0 posted...
Getting slammed hard on a dumb little Kristen Wiig shoot here, want to actually post some stuff, especially relating to the Disney stuff. But for now: Palpatine officially confirmed...

...But there's almost no way they explain HOW he's still alive that won't be completely awful.

Like, the ONLY way that even begins to make sense is that Palpatine learned to conqueror death via Darth Plague's teachings (we'll ignore how that allowed him to also survive the Death Star blowing up, and how f***ing lame this is and how it totally cheapens the end of RotJ). And even then, they will almost certainly not give proper screen time to explain how and why we even need a reborn Palpatine, how this fits into the established arc of this current trilogy, etc.

Somehow, this trilogy is going to end up worse than the prequels.

Worse than The Prequels... I'm not sure. The first 45 minutes of The Last Jedi were pretty good. After that... let's not talk about that at all. The Force Awakens isn't a bad film at all, not like Attack of the Clones or lots of the Phantom Menace.

I do however agree with you that nothing J.J throws out will make sense when it comes to explaining how The Emperor is back, why it took 30 something years for it to happen, and why? Plus, the tease of a Dark Side Rey is just a tease as I don't think they have the balls to turn her evil and make it stick. Hell, they can't make Palpatine's death permanent.
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