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(even if I've never loved One Winged Angel as much as most people seem to),

I didn't realize I liked it until I heard it in KH.

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Granted, Sony may need Disney to do Spider-Man well (at least based on recent evidence), but they did fine with early Raimi, and the foundation has already been established to do the current version of the character perfectly well without Disney. So from their perspective they can walk away from that table without hesitation and still likely make a ton of money off the franchise on their own.

They did okay with Amazing at well at first.... but then they cast Jamie Foxx as Electro and for some reason Paul Giamotti was cast as the Rhino (and then barely used). And, of course, it *also* had a downer ending after just coming off a downer ending.

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Marvel does that story more often than people realize.

They do a lot of stuff as one-shot comics and usually the handling is lousy. This would be more than a little different.

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Plus, remember, they still want to set up a "Spider-Verse" sort of deal, with Black Cat, Morbius, Sinister Six, Venom, etc. That plan stalled out a bit because Amazing 2 was terrible, but between Far From Home and Into the Spider-Verse doing so well, they're in a perfect position to repivot those plans.

But don't they have to abandon what Disney brought to the table? Disney would logically have rights to at least some of it.
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