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The Wave Master posted...
Marvel (Disney) and Sony could not come to terms with keeping my boy, Spider-Man in The MCU. Disney wanted a 5%"First dollar Gross" on the next two potential films, and Sony wanted a 50/50 split. Kevin Feige said, "No Way" because they did all the work and should get more, Sony refused to talk to him anymore, and the deal fell apart.

Far From Home made 1.1 Billion dollars, and is Sony's highest grossing film ever. It would make sense for this deal to get done, but money tends to change a lot of things, and blinds most men.

Broken_Zeus posted...
Well, Disney's terms were an insult (and Sony's kinda sounds like extortion). I'm sure they'll either come around or Sony will make more money doing something themselves.

The problem is that Sony (rightfully) has all the bargaining power in that particular scenario. Even if Disney "did all the work" it doesn't matter in the slightest, because without Sony's approval, Disney wouldn't have been able to do ANY work.

Basically, Disney needs Sony to do Spider-Man, but Sony doesn't need Disney.

Granted, Sony may need Disney to do Spider-Man well (at least based on recent evidence), but they did fine with early Raimi, and the foundation has already been established to do the current version of the character perfectly well without Disney. So from their perspective they can walk away from that table without hesitation and still likely make a ton of money off the franchise on their own.

Disney are the ones who basically need to compromise to keep that partnership happening, but they're playing a bit of hardball, which kind of makes the eventual Sony "f*** you" somewhat inevitable.

And considering how s*** Phase 4 is currently looking, Spider-Man might be better off sliced away from the MCU anyway.

Broken_Zeus posted...
God knows we haven't seen Uncle Ben die enough times in the past 20 years...

It'd be interesting if we had a version where it was Aunt May who died and they instead explored how that would impact Peter's life....


Marvel does that story more often than people realize.

Though personally, if they're going to go full reboot and try to shake things up, I'd almost rather see them go radically different. Let's have the What If? universe where the spider bites Flash, and then Flash becomes a super-villain, and Peter has to invent high-tech armor to fight him (sort of becoming a cross between Tony Stark and Doc Ock in terms of design). Or the Spider-Man Noir universe. Or the Ultimate deal where Peter dies, but it turns out someone cloned him, but the clone is a girl, so you basically get "Jessica Drew" as Spider-Woman, but it's Peter's mind and personality in the girl body.

Not that I think they'd ever do any of that.
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