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User Info: The Wave Master

The Wave Master
1 month ago#1
Sorry for the delay. A new dialysis schedule plus I fell down and injured my elbow and hip. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low as I was walking out of dialysis, and I took a spill to the hot hard concrete. I am not 100%, but after a few days in the hospital I'm back home, and recovering.

You know the rules: Post anything geek related, whether that's movies, films, television, comic books, video games, board games, wrestling etc. If it's geek related then we share it here.

Opening topic to keep the conversation going:

What is your favorite Food and drink? Spare no details on what whets your appetite and palette. It can span the history of your lifetime especially from your childhood.

Bonus question: What food do you absolutely hate? Also, what combo of food and drink is your favorite? Like Peanut butter and jelly and a cold glass of milk.

Wrap up from Potdmon in the upcoming post.
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User Info: Aaantlion

1 month ago#2
Groovy. Now we get to see what PO couldn't tell us at the end of the last topic.

The Wave Master posted...
What is your favorite Food and drink? Spare no details on what whets your appetite and palette. It can span the history of your lifetime especially from your childhood.

Bonus question: What food do you absolutely hate? Also, what combo of food and drink is your favorite? Like Peanut butter and jelly and a cold glass of milk.

Not very geeky starter questions. I think I covered a lot of my hates in the last topic, so maybe I'll mention my likes:

Cherry Pepsi (and sometimes Cherry-flavored Coke) over regular Pepsi which, in turn, is over most things. While I drink a lot of water and, I suppose, prefer it over other things, I don't list it as really being a favorite especially since it's partly for health.

Stuffed lobsters for food. Hibachi and various fried rices, noodles, etc, might come after that.

Fried dough might be my favorite junk food. For the more commercially available stuff, Cheetos, Ruffles, Doritos, popcorn, etc.

Desserts... well, creme brulee, of course, oh ho ho! I also love astronaut ice cream. Dippin Dots are nice and I like some ice cream bars. And cakes.

Valley of The Geeks

Was that even one that was suggested? I don't remember it. (Although those are famous last words.)
Aaantlion posted...
Groovy. Now we get to see what PO couldn't tell us at the end of the last topic.


Aaantlion posted...
Was that even one that was suggested? I don't remember it. (Although those are famous last words.)

After I posted and closed the last topic, it occurred to me to suggest "Geek: Phase X" as a topic title, with "X" being the number of Geek topics we've had over the last 11 years plus one (I generally assume Wave's been keeping track of titles so he could literally count them and come up with a number - and if he hasn't, he could always just BS a sufficiently large number), as a somewhat topical reference to talk about Marvel's Phase Four and Phase Five lately.

Then I was going to PM it to Wave, but I forgot because I got distracted by something shiny.
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User Info: shadowsword87

1 month ago#4
Post for my AMP, even if I only read half the stuff
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I_Abibde posted...
And, wherever she goes, people die. Kind of a menacing show, really.

It's even worse than that. She lives in a town of a few thousand people, and literally like 20 people are being murdered there every year. That's a higher crime rate death toll than the current world city with the highest murder rate, by almost a factor of 10.

Cabot Cove is like a nightmarish Stephen King hell-town, yet no one there seems to be phased by this at all. Worse, they all still seem to see it as a quiet little town when it is literally the most murdery place in the entire world. People living in Robocop's Detroit were less likely to die than the average citizen of Cabot Cove.

Jessica Fletcher is clearly a demon who feeds on human souls, and who secretly arranges murders she can "solve" to stay close to the action. And she's trapped all those people there, prevented them from realizing the danger and trying to escape.

In later seasons, her hunger clearly grows, forcing her to leave Cabot Cove and travel around the world to seek out even more souls.
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MarvelousCaptn posted...
Otherwise I'll mention that I had been skeptical of the self-contained seasons, but they work out really well. Generally speaking, a *lot* of stories are best told in a season of tv rather than a film, but it's hard to pitch doing a one-season show.

I'm fine with anthology shows, or even a show with anthology seasons. It was more in how it was presented that rubbed me the wrong way.

The first problem is the repeat cast as different characters issue I already mentioned, which really f***s with my ability to immerse into a setting and care about the plot, because it takes me out of the characters. I'd almost prefer they just recast every season with complete unknown actors who can really breathe life into a role, so in my head that actor IS that character.

But the second big problem is how they portrayed the first season. They really played up the idea of this house being cursed over like hundreds of years, constantly being the site of grizzly murders, with each time period and atrocity sort of being given a ton of flavor and personality, to the point where we're clearly sort of supposed to care about them in some way... all of which pretty much becomes absolutely meaningless in the conclusion where none of it really mattered all that much and they'd basically spent a season trying to convince us to really invest in a ton of stuff that was never anything more than filler.

In a sense, it felt very much like Lost, in that it kept trying to convince you that there was a lot of stuff going on in the background that really, really mattered, only for you to eventually realize that absolutely none of it mattered at all. And that is VERY much not the sort of show I want to watch. Ever. It's the same reason why the ending of the Battlestar: Galactica remake kind of made me retroactively hate the entire series. Which is part of why I tend to refuse to even start watching those kinds of shows anymore, at least until long after they've ended and I can judge whether or not the ending is going to be satisfying. In a world of near-infinite media, I no longer have time for that kind of bulls***. I barely have time as-is for things I DO want to see.

The way AHS seemed to be setting things up in the first season, it almost felt like they were going to do a second season in the same house, only with a new family, and potentially new flashback references to older events kind of , which could have been cool. And then they basically swept all of that off the table and said "Okay, here's mostly the same major actors, only it's an entirely different story now, and it's not connected to the first season in any way." At which point I was like, "Welp, you can pretty much go f*** yourself."

It didn't help that I didn't particular love the first season in and of itself. As a self-contained story it was meh, and gave me no real motivation to want to see more self-contained stories by the same people. But as the foundation of a growing mystery and an ever-evolving setting that grew ever more intricate, I probably would have been more forgiving.
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MarvelousCaptn posted...
Also they're not entirely unconnected. There's one season that connects the events of the other seasons, plus there are characters shared between seasons

The show may have evolved in that direction (especially once viewers started dropping off), but it was never the original intention. They went out of their way to emphasize how unrelated the seasons were after the first one ended - probably because they didn't want people constantly complaining about how the second season sucked because they couldn't see how it related to the first at all.

But in a way, if they ARE related, that's even worse - because then it establishes that there are multiple characters all living in the same universe that are physically identical to each other and who are tangentially related to events in some way. My suspension of disbelief has long since left the building by that point, and is hitching a ride to the bus station in the car driven by my ability to give a s***.

MarvelousCaptn posted...
ITV's Poirot and Marple were by far my favorite detective shows at the time; I also liked the BBC's Miss Marple. Come to think of it, I'm not sure whether I preferred Marple or Miss Marple. Either way, they *might* have preceded me watching Murder, She Wrote at the time because Angela Lansbury had played Miss Marple and JB Fletcher had numerous Marple overtones.

I feel like my first real foray into mystery was probably back when PBS was showing Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes series followed immediately by the Joan Hickson Miss Marple (both shows from the mid-80s, though we were getting them in the US more towards the end of the decade). So much so that my mental image of both characters to this day tends to be those versions. David Suchet's Poirot came shortly afterward - PBS went pretty hardcore into mystery back in the late 80s.

My first real memory of watching a mystery was earlier than that, though. I have a vague memory (which I used to remember more clearly, and my mother still remembers happening, so it's not like I imagined it) of watching Murder on the Orient Express with my parents, when I was like maybe 8 or so, and about halfway through the movie just sort of blurting out they all did it. And my mother just sort of gave me this sidelong look, and was like, did you see this before? And I was like, "No, why?" She basically couldn't believe I'd apparently picked up on that so quickly, when I was so young and half the rest of the plot was probably going over my head.

After that, it's basically become a running joke with us that whenever I see her watching a mystery or reading a mystery novel, I just tell her they all did it.

Though sometimes I'll instead say the butler did it, based on the old cliche - as well as the Clue VCR game from the mid-80s, where the butler is literally named Didit.
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MarvelousCaptn posted...
Although I decried it at the time, I have somewhat mixed feelings about the Murder, She Wrote remake not going through; granted, the actress they had picked (Octavia Spencer) was waaaaay too young for the role. Lansbury was 59 when she was cast as JB Fletcher and the stories worked because she an unassuming, grandmotherly-like character. Spencer was only 40 and looked like she was in her 30s, which would given things a very different vibe.

It's even worse when you think about how actors and actresses seemed to age faster back in the old days - most actors in their 60s today look waaay younger than an actor in their 60s did in the 1960s (give or take).

As an interesting comparison, Octavia Spencer now is 47(ish), and when Angela Lansbury was 47, she was in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Comparing that movie to Ma, it seems really hard to internalize the idea that they're the same age. And THAT's an Octavia Spencer who's six years older than she would have been in the remake, and an Angela Lansbury who is 12 years younger then she was when she first started as Jessica Fletcher.

I tend to agree with what Angela Lansbury herself said at the time, though - they shouldn't have called it Murder She Wrote. Had they cast Octavia Spencer to be a different character who solves mysteries, no one would have had a problem with it. As is, they basically courted controversy and burned themselves.

Of course, I've always been of the mindset that Hollywood should stop f***ing trying to remake extremely popular older media solely to capitalize on brand recognition like a bloated parasite. Adapt obscure stuff, improve things that were interesting in concept but failed in execution, or establish soft reboot sequels to older works that skip ahead in-universe (ie, sort of like Fuller House or Girl Meets World), but STOP trying to hard reboot established properties with strong cult fanbases (like the Ghostbusters remake, Robocop, or Total Recall). The rate of success is SO minuscule for that sort of thing it's almost never worth doing, and almost always inspires fervent hate.
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User Info: WhiskeyDisk

1 month ago#10
Favorite food and drink would be a New York strip steak with a good beer and a proper scotch, but for comfort food, it's pb&j or Mac and cheese all the way. And Oreos.

Things I hate in food:

In no particular order,

Cilantro (which is a shame because I love Spanish food)
Squid ink
Alfalfa sprouts
veal done poorly
Earl grey with anything added, or any tea for that matter with added ingredients with the exception of green tea with honey
White wine based sauces
Deserts featuring chilli or any hot spicyness with chocolate
Dolmades (I love a Greek salad, anchovies and all, but the spices in the rice of dolmades is off putting)
Miracle whip
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