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    I am going to propose two ideas for how I want this topic to go:

    - this topic is strictly about hardcore punk, not punk music in general.
    - Hardcore music, in this context, being whatever you think hardcore is.

    So, with that said....HARDCORE PUNK MUSIC. I love hardcore punk because for me thats where it began. All the other things I love, for the most part, spread out as a result of it.

    Hardcore doesn't mean a time or a place, but my favorite acts are the 1980s bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Bad Religion and so on. Los Angeles, NYC and Washington, D.C., which I think is the region that has produced not only some of the best, but some of the most original and inventive music in the US.

    Some of my favorite albums are:

    Bad Brains 1982
    Complete Discography(1989) by Minor Threat
    Suffer(1988) by Bad Religion
    Zen Arcade(1984) by Husker Du. This album is 23 tracks so it contains a hardcore album in a much larger package, but also because this album stretched hardcore to, and broke, its boundaries in 1984 while also getting more personal then almost all albums up to that point(making it a secret influence on emotional hardcore/emo)

    Early Blag Flag is good, and other bands like the Germs are good as well. There's more, but I can't think at the moment. There's just too many bands to have listened to them all, though I could be more studious. I check out new music not nearly as often as the past, though I still do, and that will never fully go away. I never feel the need to listen to modern music specifically because its modern. Some people are like "You never hear real instruments in music any more" which, despite being a flat out lie, never concerned me. The entire catalog of recorded music exists at my fingertips via the internet. if guitars die tomorrow that'll never erase the past and the literal hundreds or thousands of bands i've not listened to.

    So yeah, as I said, this is where it begins. You have bands take the hardcore approach and slow it down resulting in stuff like the descendents. you add in horns and a slight metal tinge and you get early mighty mighty bosstones, two bands i love. It really did, for me, start it all. The first band I ever "loved" was The Offspring. Without them I never get to where I am today, possibly. BUT music never got serious for me until I got to hardcore.