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  3. What wrist do you have your watch on?

User Info: Ogurisama

1 week ago#1
What wrist do you have your watch on?


User Info: darcandkharg31

1 week ago#2
Don't wear watches anymore but when I did left wrist and i'm right handed.
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Smart watch on my left hand. Left handed.

User Info: dancer62

1 week ago#4
No watch. I carry a cell phone.
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User Info: OhhhJa

1 week ago#5
It's on my wiener

User Info: CTLM

1 week ago#6
Left wrist and right handed
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User Info: SunWuKung420

1 week ago#7
I've never worn a watch on a regular basis.
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the reason watches are traditionally worn on the left hand is because it makes it easier to set because most watches the crown would face towards the wrist which can be moved to set the time.

but really though other than some "dont wear white after X" bulls*** it doesnt even matter.

User Info: JebronLames

1 week ago#9
how about wearing 2 watches on both wrists?
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User Info: Zangulus

1 week ago#10
I’d like a smart watch again. The one I have is too old.
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  3. What wrist do you have your watch on?