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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

1 month ago#41
dioxxys posted...
I want to play monster hunter but I recoil at the thought of how many hours it really takes to get involved.

I remember playing MH3U and MHFU like 200+ hours each then Tri must have been 100+.

Monster Hunter World is definitely the shortest to really get into. Partially because its actually short but they also really cut down the grind for low rank and there isn't a g-rank. I think I beat the final boss at like 50-60 hours.

They also mixed the single and multi questlines fully so if you go in solo the monster is ultra nerfed and each hunt takes like 5-20 minutes including tempered elder dragons (the hardest thing in the base game). Event quests shake things up a bit and post game is ultra grindy for no real reason. MHW is the monster hunter designed to appeal to people that don't like monster hunter (and it worked, sold an assload).
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User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#42
I'm liking the game. In the beginning of high rank. I actually managed to take down hr anjantha. Was sure I was boned after I carted really fast the first time. Then I carted a second time, but figure, what the hell, may as well keep smacking him and hope for parts to drop. Ended up actually killing the thing and did most of the damage with my last life. Went and took down a hr barroth, which dropped a mat I needed to upgrade my hammer, so I took down a second one and upgraded my hammer. Stopped right after making the new hammer, so I haven't tried it out yet. Gonna go for a hr jyuratodus next and then probably back to anjantha, since I think it drops the bones I need for the next hammer upgrade.

User Info: GreenKnight127

1 month ago#43
Any of you caught up on the Berserk manga?
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User Info: Bulbasaur

1 month ago#44
eat the food that gives you a free cart
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User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#45
Ugh, getting your third cart when you see your quarry limping is the worst. Damn pink Rathian.

User Info: dioxxys

1 month ago#46
I need to get this game on sale, you guys are making me want to play it.

User Info: dioxxys

1 month ago#47

Foxgurlll is so cutee omg i love her.

User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#48
Been watching Juuou Mujin no Fafnir. It's not very good lol. Feels like a paint by numbers story. Something someone thought up and said, "yeah, that'll sell", rather than making an interesting show they cared about.

User Info: Gravemaker15

1 month ago#49
I'm still pissed Clockwork Planet manga getting a rushed ending.

Also liking how Fire Force and Black Clover are preceding.

Lastly I wish the split chapter thing would stop and go back to once a month.
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User Info: I_Abibde

1 month ago#50
GreenKnight127 posted...
Any of you caught up on the Berserk manga?

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