1 month ago #96
    Seems I've survived my condition for now. My blood pressure was pretty damn high (154/104) but it's finally down to normal levels. Almost went to the ER but fortunately it seemed to improve right when I was ready to leave. Now I can be slightly less financially boned when I go to the doctor on Tuesday assuming it doesn't come back. I'm sure the doctor's won't tell me anything useful anyway, they never do.

    Ugh, and now I've run into another obstacle to completing solo leveling. After chapter 136 it seems like the new group was blasted with C&D letters and now I have to search harder. Such a pain.

    dioxxys posted...
    Damn it accidentally Marathoned this seasons cour of attack on Titan, now I'm on a cliff hanger halp

    Huh, guess I'll wait to get caught up myself then. Unlucky.
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