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  3. Do you believe that you have a mental illness?

User Info: JebronLames

3 days ago#1
do you? - Results (121 votes)
yes, a severe one i think
22.31% (27 votes)
yes but not a severe one
38.84% (47 votes)
not at all
28.93% (35 votes)
not sure
9.92% (12 votes)
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User Info: fettster777

3 days ago#2
Yeah, maybe. I little bit of social anxiety, slight depression, but nothing serious that seriously inhibits my everyday functions in life.

User Info: SkynyrdRocker

3 days ago#3
Yes, as I exhibited every symptom of bipolar I before I was hospitalized and the symptoms are greatly helped by taking bipolar meds, I'm very confident I have bipolar disorder

User Info: Zangulus

3 days ago#4
I don’t believe. I know.
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User Info: HillChange

3 days ago#5
Isn't having a mental illness a prerequisite for posting here?

User Info: Unbridled9

3 days ago#6
Yes. I have epilepsy and suicidal depression.
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User Info: SunWuKung420

3 days ago#7
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3 days ago#8
As much as anybody else
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User Info: Zikten

3 days ago#9
I have depression, autism and anxiety

For true severe crazy stuff...sometimes I wonder but I don't know

User Info: mooreandrew58

3 days ago#10
no, and I feel they are a little too quick to slap that label on people these days. its called having a different personality in some cases. kills me when I see a person with a "mental illness" who still manages to function perfectly fine, and be happy even without any help/meds. then when I was a teen way too many people self diagnosed themselves with bipolar like it was cool to have it. nah they just wanted an excuse for their behavior.
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  3. Do you believe that you have a mental illness?