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User Info: SpeeDLeemon

1 month ago#1
We’re still here.

*drops mic*

User Info: SpeeDLeemon

1 month ago#2

User Info: SkynyrdRocker

1 month ago#3
I am not disappointed with the quote usage.

User Info: IAmNowGone

1 month ago#4
speed when am i getting that pipe 👅💦

User Info: CaptainHammer

1 month ago#5
I was skeptical when you announced your plans but I gotta give it up, definitely a good topic title

User Info: Far-Queue

1 month ago#6
Bluer than velvet was the night... Softer than satin was the light... From the stars...

User Info: SpeeDLeemon

1 month ago#7
I hate Tom Brady, but it's too fitting

You know what's not fitting? The Lakers. It is very enjoyable to watch LeBron fail for once. However, the media coverage is quickly getting old..

User Info: STLCards1991

1 month ago#8
On a similar note, I generally like Harper and the Phillies are whatever, but he's already testing my patience by his overtures about doing LeBron s*** with Mike Trout in 2020. As if the difference maker for Trout when picking a team is gonna be "who does Bryce Harper play for?"

User Info: Ultima_Dragoon

1 month ago#9
Last year when LeBron joined the Lakers, the media narrative was that he gets a pass this year to get a solid team around him in LA before they judge him, but I guess they get more clicks if they act like it's doomsday in LA now.

I kinda hope MLB fines Harper or the Phillies just a little bit as a warning. Also for blatantly lying and saying Philadelphia has great fans.

User Info: MNTwins1991

1 month ago#10
Any big sports scoops today?
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