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User Info: T0ffee

1 month ago#81
dragon504 posted...
I've never played a Suikoden. I do have a copy of 3 for ps2, but nothing to play it on. It's a shame my ps4 can't play ps2 discs.

The only Suikoden I've played before these two is the one for the DS, Suikoden Tierkreis. I remember having fun with it, but it has been a long time since I played it. Might try it out again to see how it compares to the first two after this.

Speaking of, GODDAMN, I didn't think just transferring files between 1 and 2 was gonna take a whole lot of work!

The emulator I'm using doesn't use a traditional memory card format, but instead saves on a per game basis. So I had to do some configuring and monkeying around, along with some deep googling to make sure it worked, and I have ZERO programming knowledge.

I got it to work in the end though (And the solution turned out to be so simple, I nearly threw my keyboard out with the irony of it all). This game better be amazing for all the headache it put me through. :P
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User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#82
I'm chomping at the bit wanting to play DQ11, but I'm not gonna start it until after I finished up RDR2 first though.

User Info: YoukaiSlayer

4 weeks ago#83
I finally finished the story of xenoblade 2 at about 160 hours in (15-20 of which were probably idle). A lot of what I was praising didn't last. The first major area, gormott, it easily the best looking and most interesting of the areas. The second big area isn't too far behind and leftheria is decent too but all the other areas are desolate ruins or desolate wastelands. The actual level design also becomes much less interesting as most of these areas are large and flat without any cool landscape features (like the gaint tree root tunnels in gormott). Each area feels smaller than the last.

The story and characters got a bit frustrating, especially the ending. It actually reminded me of how I felt about xenoblade X. The sci-fi/world lore part of the story is fantastic and interesting but the actions and motivations of the main characters and villains are stupid and obnoxious. Rex goes from believable kid to attempted anime jesus, immediately forgiving and trying to save mass murderers cause they were sad or whatever.

There was also a character death that was stupid that fortunately they decided to just undo after the credits anyway downgrading it to merely pointless instead of actively dumb. Rex seems to unlearn life lessons as the game goes on.

Then the story and the sidequesty stuff really work against each other. Many many sidequests cannot be completed or even started until the final section of the game but storywise there should be no way your characters can even leave where they are. You just magically fast travel back to areas which I guess you do the whole game but it's still ridiculous. They also give you very small windows where you actually have all the characters (which are needed for virtually every quest) and each time you have them, the story dramatically urges you to go just a little further before temporarily taking someone else away.

The game really could have used a section where you have all the important areas unlocked, have all the characters, and have some down time (maybe prep for a final assault or journey or whatever). Also I want to bring up how you lose in every single f***ing cutscene in the game except the last one. It happens like 20+ times literally. This is the one game where the villains not bothering to finish you off because "you aren't a threat" might actually be plausible. Ash Ketchum wins more legitimate gym badges than you win fights in this game. It's sickening. Doubly so cause I was level 99 for a good portion of the game where the enemies I was losing to were level 40.

Speaking of level 99, the leveling late game was handled poorly. I guess it's mostly the overkill bonus system that's the problem but even so, it also could have used harsher penalties for being underleveld. Basically at level 65 you can kill level 75 big spiders in gormott which will give 2+ levels if you overkill them hard enough. One you hit 70 or so (I managed at 66 with Corvin), you can go kill the level 91 T-Rex wandering around which with a good overkill will give 3 or so levels a kill and only take like 3 minutes. That is fast until level 90 or so at which point I managed to beat the highest level super boss in the game easily (which is level 130) which gives you max xp per fight (99,999).

To put this into context, it took me about 100 hours to go from level 1 to 55. It took me about an hour to go from 55 to 90. If they had simply given you harsh underleveled penalties (there are some, but not enough) or just made the t-rex not a push over this would have been mitigated.

Corvin (a blade) is also massively overpowered. He's a tank that deals more damage than anyone else and evades everything and heals everyone and revives people easily by maxing out the party gauge in a few hits. Avoid using him if you want a challenge.

Still a good game but it might not be as good as the first xenoblade.
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User Info: Zeus

4 weeks ago#84
Finished watching the full Luffy v Doflamingo fight tonight (well, "full" meaning the parts involving the two) and... f***, I hate how SJ anime drag out fights as the show gets further and further along. Usually it's even worse when watching the episodes themselves because each fight is *also* broken up by lengthy sub-fights between the hero's friends and the villain's minions.

The one kinda annoying thing is that Luffy's powers are *constantly* shown to have limits and associated drawbacks whereas many of the villains don't seem to run out of power. Doflamingo, for instance, seemingly had no upper limit to his Awakened and basic thread abilities or, for that matter, his Haki infusion. Granted, Luffy kept his Haki going the entire time he was in Gear Fourth so... idk, that might be one small difference although his modes all seem to have issues besides that

It's also kinda ridiculous since Doflamingo isn't even close to being the show's big bad so there are far more long fights to come. I know that the fight against Katakuri is stupidly long as well from what clips I've seen.


Oh, and in other news I picked up some Pokemon CCG cards the other day on clearance -- one of those holiday gift boxes with some foil cards (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou), two coins, and two packs. The foil cards must be unbelievably cheap because the beast trio's cards were pretty warped and the foil cards in the packs I got (are they doing multiple foils per pack now as a standard? Both seemed to have at least 2 foils, including one EX Volcanion which was kinda neat and Talonflame who looks kinda OP if I understand the mechanic properly) look like they're on the same path. Kinda need to buy some cheaper card protectors to keep them straight or something. Tempted to buy another pack or two to see if the coins are random because I got Froakie and... maybe Piplup whereas the box art advertised something different.

Original MSRP was apparently $10 which, all things considered, wasn't *terrible* by the standards of these usually-overpriced gift boxes. Now it's $3 apiece and it still kinda feels like a waste of money because I can't see myself going back to the Pokemon CCG but who knows?
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User Info: eating4fun

4 weeks ago#85
Mob Psycho 100 is back, and it's been good.
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User Info: dragon504

4 weeks ago#86
eating4fun posted...
Mob Psycho 100 is back, and it's been good.

Good to hear. I liked the first season, though not as much as One Punch Man. I've been watching Tonari no Kyuuketsuki. Given the nature of the show though, I'm not getting through it very fast. Still on RDR2 wanting to get to DQ11. RDR2 has a lot of nice details. Does have some frustrations, but it's solid overall.

User Info: I_Abibde

4 weeks ago#87
YoukaiSlayer posted...
Still a good game but it might not be as good as the first xenoblade.

*reads entire post*

Good to see that Monolith Soft is still consistent when it comes to quality and emphasis (i.e. they tend to drop the ball in the final act of a game).
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
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User Info: keyblader1985

4 weeks ago#88
I liked the Pokemon card game, but not half as much as I like Yu-Gi-Oh. I dropped the Pokemon CCG kind of quickly; just a little after the Johto expansions started releasing.

I gave up on physical Yu-Gi-Oh cards because it was just too much, but I still love the game. Maybe if we got more Pokemon TCG video games I'd still be into that. I need to play the second GBC game, come to think of it.
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User Info: HitomiKagewaki

4 weeks ago#89
I've been watching That time I got reincarnated into a slime and Saint Seiya Sainta Sho.

(It really annoys me that I can't find Saint Seiya Sanctuary to rewatch anywhere, I still need to watch The Lost Canvas, and Soul of gold) (a really good anime search engine it tells you if a title is on hulu, netflix, crunchyroll, tubitv, etc)

Is hidive any good?

Eventually I will beat Sen no kiseki IV The end of saga.
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User Info: dragon504

4 weeks ago#90
I'm patiently waiting for Slime to finish its airing run. I watched the original Saint Seiya and I didn't care for it at all. All of the major story arcs were the same damn thing. It's one of those shows that baffles me as to how it got so many damn episodes.
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