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User Info: Ferarri619

4 months ago#151
7/10. The vocals kinda sounded like Bullet for me Valentine, chorus was crazy. The 2 girls there were quite hot IMO.

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User Info: minervo

4 months ago#152
6/10. It was ok, but you've posted better k-pop, that one is rather edgy but not the best i've heard


User Info: Ferarri619

4 months ago#153
8/10. Angry, yet melodic and catchy too. The piano sounds and beat really got me into it.

Dammit, I'm gonna win Minervo over again eventually! Lol, let's try

~Nintendo 64. Get N or Get out. Coming Fall 1996~

User Info: minervo

4 months ago#154
8.5/10. Catchy and great chorus. Good song, but the video was a little... well, can't explain why the video didn't tickle my fancy but the song is great.


User Info: KJ StErOiDs

4 months ago#155
Ferarri: The beat pairs really great with some bass. The tune itself is uninteresting but it sort of grew on me by the end. 7/10

Minervo: The intonation of the vocals I found really neat and the music was strong and vibrant. Really enjoyable intro. 8.5/10

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User Info: minervo

4 months ago#156
9/10. Had me hooked, hot models with skills and good music, also had a bit of a story to it. Great video.


User Info: SunWuKung420

3 months ago#157

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User Info: Far-Queue

3 months ago#158
6/10, but I've never been much of a Slipknot fan. They're pretty good, just not something I listen to often.

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User Info: minervo

3 months ago#159
Very good; atmospheric and powerful, yet chill at the same time. 9/10

Nah. Not a metal fan. So any rating I give it will be bad simply due to that, sorry. I don't know what constitutes what fans consider to be good in that genre.

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