PotD Fantasy Dungeon Death Battle -- Official Post

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User Info: I_Abibde

4 months ago#61
KogaSteelfang posted...
It's fitting I guess.

Experienced thieves are stealthy and agile. Maybe you were one of the ones who was not quite ready for prime time? More on that when I do the next Night Before post (Monday, most likely).
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.

User Info: LinkPizza

4 months ago#62
I am loving this. Also glad I'm still alive.
And love the Link vibe, too. The whole silent thing. It fits.
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(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: Archmage007

3 months ago#63
Still alive, for now anyway. Should get interesting when the undead come out to play.

User Info: ss4parrothair

3 months ago#64
I like this
I will change this when I think of something new.

User Info: Greenfox111

3 months ago#65
Hm. No action yet, but my big moment is coming
Don't ask.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 months ago#66
I'm very much breathless with anticipation as to what comes next......
"message parlor" ? do you mean the post office ? - SlayerX888

User Info: I_Abibde

3 months ago#67
I have the rolls for the next level done (but not posted to Pastebin yet), so I can share a bit. Too many people to quote, so --

Link: I figured I might as well have this Link live up to your user name. So far, the numbers have been good to him.

Archmage: The Undead start happening at the next level. I have plans for them.

Parrot: So far, for a guy who throws fire at people, the rolls have made you very bro to the others. I find that funny.

Fox: And you, the Orc with the cool weapons, is double bro. Also funny.

Cyborg: s*** gets real for you on the next level. I can tell you that much.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.

User Info: ha21nagamas

3 months ago#68
Nice update. Looking forward to actually succeed ;)
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

3 months ago#69
Switch FC: SW-3227-7104-3140. PSN: Grindpantera

User Info: SunWuKung420

3 months ago#70
Don't mess with me!
"when in the f*** did i ever make claims to be anything other than a troll? seriously. name me one f***ing time." - schmen,trollpolice,noopnoop 3/5/18
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