PotD Fantasy Dungeon Death Battle -- Official Post

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User Info: I_Abibde

4 months ago#11
The explosion startled Key to the point that he took a flying leap at the person next to him -- in this case, the cleric Belicia. He knocked her to the ground to shield her from the blast, almost forgetting, in his haste, that his human weight might be too great for her Elf bones, and he thought that he heard one of her ribs crack, prompting him to apologize quickly and get up again, offering her a hand that she immediately pushed aside as she rose to her feet, holding her side and taking a long, shuddering breath.

Mead, for his part, had been waiting for the adventurers to turn on each other, and they had not disappointed him. He grinned maniacally as he lifted his axe and took a hard swing at Guy, the Druid who had been his friend the night before. He winged him, a line of red marring his robes before he transformed himself into a fine mist in a blink of the eyes, disappearing into the gloom of the Ruins, Mead laughing as he pursued him.

Cyborg followed a similar cue, drawing one of his blades and swinging it in a single smooth motion, cutting Hanagamas across the face. It should have been his throat, by his reckoning, but he had underestimated the half-Dragon and his unnatural reflexes. Hanagamas quickly ducked inside a building that might have once been a tavern, using the darkness inside to conceal himself and vanish from sight, lest the assassin try to get the jump on him again, but Cyborg followed his intuition and did not take the bait.

Rhona had a knife in her hand almost before the explosion, throwing it and catching Fiske in the soft tissue below his right shoulder blade, drawing a hard gasp from the alchemist before he gathered his wits long enough to throw a glass vial to the ground and make it explode in a cloud of white smoke, giving him cover enough to escape. Rhona chuckled, letting him run. She did not have to kill him outright for results.

Wukong and Archmage, watching the drama from a safe distance, turned to each other at the same, but Wukong said it first: "Guess it's time to drop all the pretenses, huh?"

Archmage replied, narrowing his eyes and smiling, "I've been looking forward to this since I found out you were going to be here, demigod. Let's do this." He summoned up his magic in a single gesture, mana-loaded glyphs radiating in circles from his hands and making the air spark and crackle with the sheer power at his command.

To that, Wukong said, laughing, "Okay, you're strong, but let's be honest: Next to me, you're just a little baby. See?" The red pole in his hand immediately doubled in size, catching Archmage in the stomach and sending him rolling on the ground for a fair distance, dispersing his magic and making him look foolish. "Try again later!" Wukong shrugged his shoulders and walked into the ruins, laughing, fearing nothing.

Behind him, Archmage hissed, gasping for breath as he pushed himself up on his elbows, "Oh, you'll be the one who sees, you obsolete piece of --" He coughed, pausing to feel at his stomach for bruising. Despite his words, there was no avoiding the truth: Sun Wukong could have killed him with a single blow, had that been his desire.

On the other side of the ruins, Larry shook his head as the sound of the explosion made his following of prostitutes scatter, screaming as they ran back towards Rostik. "Oh, that's just great. That's what was going to make this whole thing worthwhile." And then he noticed that one had not left. He did not recognize her immediately. She looked exotic, and she had the build of a fighter, not a lady of the night. "You're brave, huh?"

Jen smirked back at him, realizing that he must have been too hung over to realize that she had not been part of his goings-on the night before. "Brave enough. Let's go."

-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.

User Info: I_Abibde

4 months ago#12
As violence erupted on the other side of the Ruins, Parrot turned to Adamec, saying, as he gestured to the fighter to go into the shadows ahead of him, "You know, I'm not the kind to set people on fire without provocation, friend. No need to fear me here."

Adamec nodded in return as he said, drawing his broad sword and walking down what had once been the main street of Vikenti, "Appreciated, mage. I'll remember that."

Matthea witnessed the exchange and turned to Game Lord, saying, as she narrowed her eyes behind the red veil she used to obscure her face, "Live and let live. Sounds fair at the outset. Do you agree?" He had spent the night in her bed, and he had been more than capable there, but they both had promised not to let that get in the way of the killing that was certain to happen once the exploration of the Pit had begun.

Game Lord grunted, unstrapping his axe and holding it tight as he said, "Agreed."

One of the buildings above the sorceress and the barbarian had a roof that was more or less intact, and two of the rogues in the company lay on top of it, looking down at the others. Koga looked at Darico, and Darico winked at him. They had a plan. ... That is, Darico had a plan. He smacked the roof next to Koga, and it collapsed, dropping the other rogue into the wreckage of the building below. The night before, they had laughed and cried into their beer together, but, in the end, there was no honor among thieves.

Darico called down, as he dusted off his pants and readied himself for a sprint down the main street of Vikenti, "Head start's mine, Koga! Better catch up to me!"

And Koga called back, groaning from the pain of his fall, "You just wait!"

As Darico dashed past her, Tomo -- the samurai -- paid him no mind. She walked calmly towards the location of that first well -- not the only entrance to the Pit, but the most direct. She had her katana in one hand, her heart beating as calmly as if she had never stopped meditating. She had focus. She did not fear the adventurers.

No, she feared the darkness that lay in the tunnels beneath the Ruins.

1. Archmage007 -- Human Wizard [Archmage] [- 1]
2. Ha21nagamas -- Half-Dragon Ranger [Hanagamas] [- 1]
3. LinkPizza -- Elf Bard [Link] [- 1]
4. Stupid Pirate Guy -- Human Druid [Guy] [- 3]
5. Melon_Master -- Half-Dragon Bard [Melon] ... Killed By # 7 [Level 0]
6. Greenfox111 -- Orc Ranger [Fox]
7. WhiskeyDisk -- Dark Elf Rogue [Whiskey]
8. KogaSteelfang -- Human Thief [Koga] [- 2]
9. Mead -- Dwarf Barbarian [Mead]
10. SunWuKong420 -- Demigod Monk [Wukong]
11. Jen0125 -- Elf Assassin [Jen]
12. LaggnFragnLarry -- Human Gigolo [Larry]
13. keyblader1985 -- Human Swashbuckler [Key]
14. ss4parrothair -- Human Pyromancer [Parrot]
15. trodi_911 -- Orc Fighter [Grillga]
16. wwinterj25 -- Dark Elf Sorcerer [Winter] [- 1]
17. GameLord113 -- Human Barbarian [Game Lord]
18. TheCyborgNinja -- (Former) Human Assassin [Cyborg]
19. [NPC] Adamec -- Human Fighter
20. [NPC] Darico -- Dwarf Rogue
21. [NPC] Fiske -- Human Alchemist [- 2]
22. [NPC] Belicia -- Elf Cleric [- 1]
23. [NPC] Matthea -- Human Sorceress
24. [NPC] Rhona -- Half-Elf Rogue
25. [NPC] Tomo -- Human Samurai

24 Adventurers Remain
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 months ago#14
This is really drawing me in so far! Good work!
"message parlor" ? do you mean the post office ? - SlayerX888

User Info: I_Abibde

4 months ago#15
On how to read the Pastebin:

+ and - are plus and minus, respectively, and o represents a blank roll. For example, +oo- means a plus, two blanks, and a minus, resulting in a net of zero (+-0 in the results, or neutral).

On injuries and aiding:

Injuries accumulate from post to post. If a character reaches - 4, that character is dead. (Note that Melon got - 4 in a single roll, resulting in the abrupt -- and rather stereotypical -- death of one of our bards.) If characters aid each other (which is looking like a frequent occurrence in my next set of rolls, not yet posted), the number can be brought back up to 0, but not above it.

There is a good chance of this dungeon crawl lasting a while, going by what I have seen thus far.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.

User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 months ago#16
Crap, -4 is dead? That was a heck of a fall then.
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User Info: I_Abibde

4 months ago#17
What I should say is that the numbers are cumulative. I reserve a certain amount of writerly license when it comes to the described severity of injuries.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.

User Info: ss4parrothair

4 months ago#18
This is getting me Fired up
I will change this when I think of something new.

User Info: wwinterj25

4 months ago#19
Goodness gracious great balls of fire!
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User Info: SunWuKung420

4 months ago#20
Good start.
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