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User Info: Melon_Master

4 weeks ago#1
-Turnip Stalk Market Wizard-

-Main Street Unlockable's-

-Check if Artwork is fake-

-Details on Grass Deterioration and stump patterns-

-Feng Shui Details-

-New Leaf Pattern Guide-

-How to change images/pictures into QR pattern codes-

-Bidoof Crossing for Custom QR Patterns-

-Shampoodle Hairstyles-

-AC: New Leaf Guide-

-Up to date Month catch list and event summary dates-

-Gracie Fashion Check-

-Villager Popularity-

-Board 3DS FC GoogleDoc-

Text List of FC's
Active (Those who've posted regularly through the topics)
adjl: 2879-0225-0309
@Melon_Master: 1607-1928-5887
@mzsylver : 2552-3533-5495
Phantom_Nook: 4682-8954-0442
@RCtheWSBC: 1779-1241-5149
@Jen0125: 3497-5168-6739
DevilSummoner1: 0834-1021-1080
@green_dragon : 4639-9052-4409
@Sherm128: 1332-7873-0454
@Doctor_Foxx: 2166-0986-1446

Somewhat active (Those who posted in the beginning of the threads)
Bluecomposer: 2852-7975-1848
frybrain0094: 2964-9998-2940
NickytheNewt: 2621-2609-5041
papercup: 4124 5916 9925
Paper_Okami: 2981-6366-4255
urmomishawt04: 2191 - 7636 - 8794
Zareth: 0619 - 3255 - 2848
AncientArti: 2664-2187-5540
CallMeSeeker: 4957-2992-0417
Crystal_pony: 5429 - 7532 - 9059
Elestriel: 3780-9960-6514
HeroofDark: 0275-7902-9805
InfernoCrossing: 5129 - 1025 - 5567
JMP09: 3668 - 8147 - 9143
Kirbymasta12345: 0705 - 2026 - 3449
lorekai: 5155 - 4299 - 8314

agenttrav/ziggi: 0216-2079-5930
agesboy: 3136-7145-4855
AlexxPB: 0645-5857-1121
Boogie: 5241-2753-0822
Botnus912: 4425-1641-1810
Captain_Drek: 3738-0451-3244
claymoremaster: 4339 3031 6697
DirtBasedSoap: 2707-1616-8575
ernieforss: 2793-0632-0727
Fierce_Mudcrap: 4484-8357-2700
Final Fantasy2389: 4940-5432-0041
keyblader1985: 4682 - 8464 - 4816
koopabrosblack: 5129-0939-2884
MyDogSkip: 3179-6064-2531
Nade Duck: 5370-0513-7500
Newsuperdude: 1118-0389-4223
Nocturns: 1203-9417-7050
PhilBrooksTNF: 1332-8155-7428
plokis246: 4167-4617-5068
quigonzel: 3136 - 6655 - 8048
Raganork10: 0791-1260-8188
ReggieTheReckless: 2466-1633-4120
SilverClock: 5327-2159-0942
SomeThomas: 2363-5784-0865
Spriteiscoolio: 1289 9177 5956
SullyTheStrange: 1719-3487-2225
TerrisUS: 3909-7510-2374
TheSlinja: 2535-4059-7234
toffster92: 2707-2635-3369
Uchiha__Madara: 3179-6134-5046
PotDs UnOfficial President and Official Sheldon Cooper
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Melon_Master

4 weeks ago#2
Alright, you need to know a few things about the island if you don't already:

1) You can't bring anything to the island. Kapp'n takes your stuff when you leave and returns it when you get back.

2) You can't carry anything back from the island. Instead, there is a box inside the hut there where you can store 40 items. You can retrieve them later from a similar box on the dock.

3) There is a gyroid on the island named Lloid who will loan you any tool for free.

4) You need to go to the island after 7 PM; that's when the beetles start appearing.

First, you borrow a shovel and axe and remove all the trees, bushes, and flowers from the island except the Palm trees on the East and West sides (you should remove the Palm trees on the south side). Keep in mind that you can always return the island to its previous state later, without too much effort. With all of that stuff gone, only various beetles, hermit crabs, wharf roaches, and long locusts will spawn. Borrow the net and catch beetles until you fill up the storage box. If you're decent at it, it should only take half an hour or so. Return to the island and sell everything; you should net somewhere in the range of 300-400k.

Beetle catching tips:

There is a spawn limit, so you'll need to scare away the unwanted bugs. The beetles are easily startled, so it's best if you approach directly from the south. Hold A to ready the net, and take just a few steps at a time. I found that the 3D helps me determine when I'm close enough. If the skies are clear, the trees should cast shadows on the ground. You know you're close enough when there's just a little bit of space between your shadow and the tree's.

Everything I think I know about flowers:


After you've built the campground: Talk to the campers when you have at least 5000 bells and sellable stuff, and they'll suggest a "buy your stuff game" eventually. Each villager type has their own version and each has 4 outcomes: 1.5x the original price, 1x the OP, 1/8x the OP up to 999, and 1/16x the OP up to 500. All the other types are luck-based games, but only the Lazy type has a sure-fire way to get the best two outcomes.

When they ask you to guess a fruit that's red, always pick cherry. If you're right that's 1.5x. If you're wrong, pick peach and that's 1x.
If the fruit is not red, always pick orange. If you're wrong, pick banana.
A royal crown is worth 1.2 mil, so you'll always get 1.2-1.4 mil from them.

So, from now on if you see a Lazy camper, think of him as moneybags. Sell him your beetles, sharks, crowns, whatever! He'll make you filthy rich, guaranteed.

SilverClock posted...
I do have some patterns I made back in the day if anyone is interested.

I've got Aqua, Roxas, and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts
Neku from The World Ends With You
The MC from Persona 3 and 4
Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia
and Ruby from RWBY

@RCtheWSBC said...
QR Sites:

QR Patterns saved:

mipond: 3543 3176 989
RCtheWSBC: 3643 2709 140
PotDs UnOfficial President and Official Sheldon Cooper
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Melon_Master

4 weeks ago#3
If I got anything wrong, hurry and let me know before the edit window closes!
PotDs UnOfficial President and Official Sheldon Cooper

User Info: RCtheWSBC

4 weeks ago#4
the White-Sounding Black Chick

User Info: Jen0125

4 weeks ago#5
"I am not gay! Can't you get that through your head? I am very much aroused at the site of a naked woman!" - Dan0429

User Info: DevilSummoner1

4 weeks ago#6
I haven't played AC in so long :(
"It's a picture...but I wouldn't call it art." --

User Info: Sherm128

4 weeks ago#7
Hey everyone
3DS FC: 1332-7873-0454 Name: Sherman
ACPC ID: 5250-5545-598 Name: Sherman

User Info: Melon_Master

4 weeks ago#8
DevilSummoner1 posted...
I haven't played AC in so long :(

No time like the present. 👍

Sherm128 posted...
Hey everyone

Hey Sherm, just saw the PM heh.. 🤭
PotDs UnOfficial President and Official Sheldon Cooper

User Info: Melon_Master

3 weeks ago#9
PotDs UnOfficial President and Official Sheldon Cooper

User Info: mzsylver

3 weeks ago#10
I've been sucked into the world of Pocket Camp... help me...
Miz Sylver aka ruler of the known universe
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