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User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#31
Finished up Inuyashiki yesterday, it was pretty good and a nice surprise. Also, one scene was "O_O".

User Info: I_Abibde

1 month ago#32
dragon504 posted...
Good to know. How are the butts and boobs?

This is Trigger we are talking about here.
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User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#33
Up next is Sakura Quest. Like most shows that aren't sequels, I'm going in blind. Hope I like it.

User Info: keyblader1985

1 month ago#34
Holy crap; I just realized now that I have a PS4, I can finally play Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist. That's one more must buy.
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User Info: FellWolf

1 month ago#35
First episode of Darling in the FrankXX is promising. The main girl is sensual as hell

User Info: dragon504

1 month ago#36
Sakura Quest is gonna be a slow watch. It doesn't seem like a show I'm gonna be able to marathon, unless the story gets a lot more interesting.

User Info: eating4fun

1 month ago#37
Sakura Quest is a slow roll, SoL/drama. It's pretty reflective on how real life is; Everything you work for is in increments. How the characters are down to earth, carry the show.
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User Info: quigonzel

1 month ago#38
Finished Blend S today. That was fun. I really liked the characters.
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User Info: dioxxys

1 month ago#39

User Info: YoukaiSlayer

1 month ago#40
Finished with watching initial D even though I skipped fifth stage and most of sixth stage. While it was mostly a good show I feel a few problems really bit it in the ass.

The biggest issue is that takumi's driving is perfect from day one. It looks to be as fast as can be and the whole first season basically just exist to say "wow, look how literally perfect this driver is" sort of like akagi in that anime. It's not really about if he will win, as thats a given, its how.

All that works fine for the first season but the show goes on for 5 more seasons and there really is just no room to grow. They go ahead and tell us all these things he is learning and improving on but visually it's not any better than at the start. Around the mid point of the series the battles shift focus and go from being about technique to being about strategy. At this point every opponent can be assumed to be perfect and only in executing a good strategy can you win so it's really more about ryosuke's planning than takumi's driving and it just isn't handled all that well IMO.

Eventually it gets bored with actual strategies and just goes on to focus more on the philosophy of different driving ideas and whatnot and this just isn't a good fit for the show.

All of this is compounded by the second major problem. The action directing. In the first season the show made the cars feel really f***ing fast mostly through a combination of extremely quick cuts and unmoving camera shots. For whatever reason this just gets worse and worse throughout the series and eventually goes on to full on panning shots with relatively slow cuts and lots of long shots on the drivers faces.

The first season is all about how great racing is while the rest turn into a more and more generic battle shonen that happens to be about cars. Speed is relative so if the camera follows the cars, they look much slower and that was the real problem.

It's frustrating because the first season has a fatal flaw. Or really a bunch of fatal flaws. Pretty much everything but the races in season 1 suck ass. The characters suck ass, the animation is god awful, the music is forgettable, the directing is just plain bad, and the pacing is all over the place. The series gradually fixes these issues but for whatever reason loses what actually was good about the first season.

Eventually I just couldn't manage to keep watching and just skipped to the end. The final race was pretty meh but resolution to various character arcs were fine and it was nice to finally know wtf the title of the anime is about.

A bit frustrating for me overall but still not really an awful show and theres plenty worth watching in it.
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