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User Info: shadowsword87

1 month ago#331
Well... if anyone was ever worried about PF2 being too freeform, check the latest blog post.

That's right, feats for specific classes that you can get. And then there is also there are extra feats for just skills.
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(edited 1 month ago)
Random RPG observation of the day:

D&D has a f***ton of elf subraces.

I've been thinking a lot about elves lately (at least partly because they did a video about their official 5e metaplot origins recently on D&D official YouTube channel, and because Perkins has been showing off the Shadar-Kai on Dice Camera Action over the last couple weeks), and I sort of got set off on this particular line of thinking while looking into the Terrinoth setting (ie, the setting for Runewars and Dragonholt) and how they handle races there.

It occurred to me that Tolkien theoretically has about seven "subraces" - Vanyar, Noldor, Teleri, Sindar (who are also technically Teleri), Nandor/Silvan (who are also technically Teleri), (who are technically Nandor and thus also technically Teleri - basically, nearly every elf in the entire world outside of Aman who isn't Noldor is Teleri or Avari), and the Avari (or "dark" elves" who never set out for Aman and mostly just hid in the woods near their place of "birth") - he really only sort of divides them in to two separate groupings in the context of the stories (basically, the Noldor as the "high elves" and the "lesser elves" make up 99% of named elf characters who actually interact with the world in any notable way - the Vanyar and Teleri who remain behind in Aman are pretty much uninvolved while the Avari are pretty much unimportant and utterly unnoticed, if not long dead or lost). So if you were running a Middle Earth campaign (like in Iron Crown's MERP system - Jesus, I am old), you'd basically default all PC elves to either Noldor, Sindar, or Silvan (and, in fact, I think that system did indeed boil PC elf choice down to those three). And about the only real scaling difference between them is whether or not you're one of the really ultra-sophisticated wise scholar-type high elves or one of the tree-hugging hippies.

Meanwhile The Elder Scrolls games, where something like half (if not more) the races you see in the world are elf-derived (sorry, Aldmer-derived), have about seven known subraces of elf - the Altmer (High Elves), the Bosmer (Wood Elves), the Chimer (who later become the Dunmer, or Dark Elves), the Dwemer (confusingly referred to as dwarves, but also as Deep Elves), the Falmer (Snow Elves), Maomer (Sea Elves), and the Orsimer (the Orcs, who are corrupted elves, which makes them one of the few interpretations of Orcs in fantasy that is actually pretty close to what Tolkien intended their origins to be). You can also throw in the Sinistral or "Left-Handed" Elves (though we know absolutely nothing about them, and they're supposedly all dead) and the Ayleids (who are also supposedly all dead, but who we know slightly more about, mostly because they f***ed the humans who led to the Bretons and because they built most of the magical ruins in the Imperial province).

D&D, by contrast, has at least a dozen that I can actually think of, and probably more besides. There's blatantly ubiquitous Sun and Moon Elves (aka the "High Elves"), the obligatory Drow/Dark Elves, the "lesser" Wood and Wild Elves, the more obscure winged elves, merpeople elves, and lycanthrope elves of Faerun, the more esoteric Dusk and Shadow Elves who have been getting used a lot in official books lately, or the downright forgotten about Sidereal Elves (Star Elves), Deep Elves (Rockseer Elves), or Elves from Dark Sun (who are basically "Sand Elves"). And that's without bringing the Eladrin into the equation.

Meanwhile, I think D&D has maybe three dwarf subraces, tops. And halflings usually get either two or three depending on the setting. Elves VASTLY outnumber the other races when it comes to diversity (which actually works pretty well with their new origin story).

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Also, on a related note to the above - if you were ever planning to run a setting that had "Sand Elves" in it, but didn't necessarily want to call them "Sand Elves" because you felt like that might have negative connotations due to real world racism, what might you call them?

"Desert Elves" seems like the obvious go-to, but that might feel a bit too boring. Can anyone else think of a potentially more interesting common term for them without resorting to the usual made-up word stew (like D&D referring to an elf subrace in Faerun as the Ly'tel'Quessir, because everyone loves words with extra apostrophes! Especially ones that vaguely sound Tolkien-esque without breaking copyright!). Sirocco Elves? Burning Elves? Something way cooler?

Also also, if you wanted a setting to have Snow Elves, but thought Snow Elves was too bland, could you come up with a more interesting term for them? Frost Elves? Glacial Elves? Really Freaking Cold Elves?

Also also also, if you're throwing elves into deserts and tundras and forests and down mountain caves (f*** the dwarves!) because you're out of control and no one can stop you, what other sort of biomes would you think might be cool to spawn some other elven subrace to fill them? Jungles seems like the only other obvious choice I can think of, though I could easily be missing tons of others.

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User Info: I_Abibde

1 month ago#334
Alas, sad days for us Dwarf enthusiasts!

As for what to call different kinds of Elves, there is something to be said for "boring", IMO.

I really don't know why there are so many, though, considering that Elves are long-lived with low birth rates and all that.
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I_Abibde posted...
As for what to call different kinds of Elves, there is something to be said for "boring", IMO.

I really don't know why there are so many, though, considering that Elves are long-lived with low birth rates and all that.

Boring? Never!

Fruity glittersparkle Mary Sues? Possibly.

I_Abibde posted...
I really don't know why there are so many, though, considering that Elves are long-lived with low birth rates and all that.

The current explanation involves magic. The original elves as Corellon created them were apparently magical chaotic shape-shifters with no fixed form, until Lolth basically tricked them into rebelling in favor of gaining some sense of order and permanence. Then Corellon basically cursed them ALL (not just the Drow), so they were all doomed to assume a single form, losing their ability to freely adapt and change at will.

Each little elf clique basically just adapted to wherever they spent most of their time. Eladrin are the elves who stayed in the Feywild, Wood Elves are the ones who hung out in forests, etc etc etc.


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Today I learned that, in spite of not having listened to "U Can't Touch This" for something like 20 years or so (give or take a couple), I apparently still remember all the lyrics to it when singing along.

And while typing this post, I was reminded of the time about 10 years ago when I won a drunken bet with some friends of mine by singing the entirety of We Didn't Start the Fire after they swore no one could do it.

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User Info: Zeus

1 month ago#337
Three things:


I've never mentioned it before but I've thought about it quite a lot back when he was still on NXT (and honestly not sure if it's true now), but Baron Corbin epitomizes everything I thought was cool when I was 13 and -- perhaps as a consequence -- I find him utterly ridiculous today.

His name is utterly absurd. I'm not sure who came up with it or thought it a good idea. However, I was big on titles as a kid and unusual-sounding names. He rocks a kinda goofy goatee and longer hair, both of which I used to think were kinda cool. He has that whole "lone wolf" thing going -- including the clothing -- and the wolf was one of my favorite animals growing up and I liked the phrase but, again, it just seems kinda cringe-y. And then there's the biker look... Granted, maybe all of this things could be pulled off by somebody else whereas he always seemed to come out to the ring looking kinda scared.

#1.5 - A tangential

I only thought of Baron Corbin because I randomly recalled Enzo Amore who is by far my favorite no-talent wrestler. And I was always amused by the pairing -- they put together a tag team featuring a midget who couldn't wrestle and a giant who can't talk. (In the old days, a guy like Enzo would have stayed where he belonged -- outside the ring, as a manager -- but they don't do managers any more, which is f***ing stupid.) And from when thinking about the charisma-less Big Cass, my thoughts automatically turned to Baron Corbin who traditionally has had many of the same issues.


I finally watched Megamind, which was pretty good. Unfortunately I spoiled much of the film for myself by watching YT clips beforehand (as I often do); in fact, it seems like most of the clips from *any* film just cover events happening in the proverbial third-act.

Of course, the biggest surprise was that the VA for Megamind was Will Ferrell, whose voice I didn't recognize at all and whose performances are generally... well, kinda s***. I guess when you don't actually see him he's better.

It's also disappointing that Despicable Me has had 3 films and a spinoff yet Megamind is destined to never even get a sequel. (And I don't necessarily intend that as a knock on Despicable Me -- which I haven't seen -- but more a resentment that it's had a lot more popularity, probably largely based on Minions merchandising.)


I started Punisher. While the first episode mostly sucks (other than the kickass takedowns at the end) and the second episode is pretty bad as well, it eventually picks up. I love the interactions between Micro and Punisher, especially I'm not that big on either by themselves.

My one major criticism is just the choppy camerawork during fights (and in general) which makes a lot of the action look non sequitur. Some of it can be a little goofy or over the top, but it looks better than some of the other MCU shows I've watched lately.

Also kinda digging Agent Orange so far, with his kinda cool creepy eye -- which I'm guessing resulted from Frank's punch in Kandahar

ParanoidObsessive posted...
Random RPG observation of the day:

D&D has a f***ton of elf subraces.

As you've observed, that seems to be a standard fantasy trope. Rather than have something be its own thing, a race is usually a derivation of human or elf. I hadn't really given it much thought *until* getting a little into the Elder Scrolls lore.
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User Info: The Wave Master

The Wave Master
1 month ago#338
I am alive. Just been busy. Physical therapy and dialysis take up a lot of my time.

I did get a new kitty cat. His name is Lord Beerus, yes after the Dragonball character. O had a long debate with my wife over that name.

My older brother is still on his th death bed, and my mother has full blown dementia, so I ha e a full plate.

How are all of you doing?
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Zeus posted...
but Baron Corbin epitomizes everything I thought was cool when I was 13 and -- perhaps as a consequence -- I find him utterly ridiculous today.

I can't say that I ever found anything about Baron Corbin cool except in the most generalized of ways, but part of what makes him especially terrible is that he kind of looks like a balding pedophile trying to look like a badass.

Like, when I think of the worst sort of stereotypes of 4channers, bronies, anime otakus, and the other sexless creeps of the Internet, the person I see in my head doesn't look entirely unlike Corbin. Then they put him in s***ty-looking pants that make him look like he's wet himself, and that terrible faux-tactical biker top, and it looks like someone who should be arrested for being too close to a school, and who has to tell everyone when he moves into a new neighborhood.

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Ultimate Deletion tonight. Will people be watching live, or catching it later on the Interwebs? Or not at all?

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